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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Facteurs associés à la suspicion de troubles du comportement alimentaire chez des étudiants de l’Université du Littoral Côte d’OpaleZakhem, Eddy ; Hage, Rawad El ; Pezé, T; Hurdiel, R; Zunquin, G; Theunynck, D
2020FeIII48 -containing 96-tungsto-16-phosphate: synthesis, structure, magnetism and electrochemistryGoura, Joydeb; Bassil, Bassem ; Bindra, Jasleen K; Rutkowska, Iwona A; Kulesza, Pawel J; Dalal, Naresh S; Kortz, Ulrich
2015First principles account for large changes in electronic structure and bonding from LaCu to LaCuMg and LaCuMg<inf>4</inf>Matar, S. F.; Al Alam, Adel F.; Ouaini, N.
1-Jan-2022Flipping the Classroom Using the 5E Instructional Model to Promote Inquiry Learning in Online & Hybrid SettingsSalloum, Sara ; Zgheib, Ghania ; Ghaffar, May Abdul; Nader, Marylou
1-Jan-2019Fudging the boundaries between concept(s) of race, class, and religion: The two cases of Donald Trump and Lothrop StoddardHaddad, Mahmoud
2016Gallium(III)-containing, sandwich-type heteropolytungstates : Synthesis, solution characterization, and hydrolytic studies toward phosphoester and phosphoanhydride bond cleavageKandasamy, Balamurugan; Vanhaecht, Stef; Nkala, Fiona Marylyn; Beelen, Tessa; Bassil, Bassem ; Parac-Vogt, Tatjana N.; Kortz, Ulrich
1-Jan-2019Gendering emotions: Tarab, women and musical performance in three biographical narratives from 'The Book of songs'Moukheiber, Karen 
2022Gifted Education in Lebanon: Time to Rethink Teaching the GiftedAntoun, Maya ; Plunkett, Margaret; Kronborg, Leonie
2017The importance of culture in defining and accommodating giftedness: A Lebanese perspective.Antoun, Maya 
2010"In this Religion I will live, and in this Religion I will Die": Performativity and the Protestant Identity in Late Ottoman SyriaLindner, Christine B.
1-Jan-2019The inclusion of visually impaired students in a Lebanese private school: A case studyKobrossy, Yara
2016Influence de la surcharge pondérale sur le contenu minéral osseux, la densité minérale osseuse, la densité minérale osseuse apparente, les indices de résistance osseuse du col fémoral et le TBS chez des jeunes femmes adultesBerro, A. J.; Ahmaidi, S.; Maalouf, G.; Rizkallah, M.; Alwan, A.; Hage, Rawad El 
2022Influence of the preparation method and silver content on the nature of active sites in Ag/CeO<inf>2</inf> catalysts used for propylene oxidationBenaissa, S.; Cherif-Aouali, L.; Hany, S.; Labaki, M.; Aouad, Samer ; Cousin, R.; Siffert, S.; Aboukaïs, A.
1-Jan-2018Innovative mobile cloud strategy that supports responsive mobile web apps in education: IConnect via the cloudKhaddage, Ferial M.; Larkin, Henry
2022Intensification of Polyphenols Extraction from Eryngium creticum Leaves Using Ired-Irrad® and Evaluation of Antibiofilm and Antibacterial ActivitiesHammoud, Mariam; Chokr, Ali; Rajha, Hiba N; Safi, Carl; Walsem, Martijn van; Broek, Lambertus A M van den; Debs, Esperance ; Maroun, Richard G; Louka, Nicolas; Rammal, Hassan
1999«Journal d'un Chien» de Youssof AlkhalWehbé, Talal
2016L1-CAM knock-down radiosensitizes neuroblastoma IMR-32 cells by simultaneously decreasing MycN, but increasing PTEN protein expressionRached, Johnny; Nasr, Zeina ; Abdallah, Jad; Abou-Antoun, Tamara
1998La question du pouvoir, l'analyse du discours et la formation du sujet - L'influence de Foucault" sur le développement de la pensée politique moderneKabbara, Nawaf
2020Lanthanide-containing 22-tungsto-2-germanates [Ln(GeW11O39)2]13-: synthesis, structure, and magnetic propertiesMougharbel, Ali S; Bhattacharya, Saurav; Bassil, Bassem ; Rubab, Amna; van Leusen, Jan; Kögerler, Paul; Wojciechowski, Jakub; Kortz, Ulrich
1998Le reste, j’irai le dire aux OmbresDick, Charles