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2023Assessing nutrition and non-communicable disease care at international medical corps supported primary healthcare centers in LebanonKhazem, Fatima Alzahraa
7-Nov-2023Association between Lifestyle Factors and COVID-19Akbar, Zoha; Kunhipurayil, Hasna H.; Saliba, Jessica ; Ahmad, Jamil; Mansoori, Layla Al; Khatib, Hebah Al; Thani, Asmaa A. Al; Shi, Zumin; Shaito, Abdullah A.
3-Apr-2024The Association between Lifestyle Factors and COVID-19: Findings from Qatar BiobankAkbar, Zoha; Kunhipurayil, Hasna H; Saliba, Jessica ; Ahmad, Jamil; Al-Mansoori, Layla; Al-Khatib, Hebah A; Al Thani, Asmaa A; Shi, Zumin; Shaito, Abdullah A
2023Awareness raising on diabetes prevention, diagnosis, and management : a primary healthcare center-based interventionIshak, Marcella
30-Jun-2023Biological applications of imiquimod analogues: An update (Review)Obeid, Joelle; Shaito, Abdullah; Hajj, Hiba El; Deleuze-Masquefa, Carine; Bonnet, Pierre Antoine; El-Sabban, Marwan; Saliba, Jessica 
2023Cancer Metastasis: Dynamic Hetero-cellular Communications Between Cancer Cells and Host TissuesSaliba, Jessica ; El-Sabban, Maya; Shaito, Abdullah; El-Harakeh, Mohammad; Obeid, Joelle; El Hajj, Hiba; El-Sabban, Marwan
14-Nov-2023Childhood obesity: Facts and parental perceptionsAbbas, Nivine H. ; Rouaiheb, Hiba; Saliba, Jessica ; El‑Bikai, Rana
2023The effect of imidazoquinoxaline agent EAPB0503 on the proliferation and differentiation potential of mesenchymal stem cellsFeghaly, Fouad Al
2023Effect of inflammation on the expression level of NRF-2, MDR-1, AND TET-2 in an in vitro model of inflammatory bowel diseaseAmhaz, Ali
2023The evolution and monitoring of infection control methods for COVID-19 at AUBMC and its impact on HCWs' practicesCharif, Mohamad Hadi El
28-Oct-2022Expression of the methylcytosine dioxygenase ten-eleven translocation-2 and connexin 43 in inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancerEl-Harakeh, Mohammad; Saliba, Jessica ; Sharaf Aldeen, Kawthar; Haidar, May; El Hajjar, Layal; Awad, Mireille Kallassy; Hashash, Jana G; Shirinian, Margret; El-Sabban, Marwan
2023Intercellular Communication in CancerShaito, Abdullah; Saliba, Jessica ; Obeid, Joelle; El-Harakeh, Mohammad; El Hajj, Hiba; El-Sabban, Marwan
2023Leave anemia behind : anemia awareness campaignSabra, Mariana
2024Patient food services satisfaction survey at Al-Hayat hospitalBarakat, Serena
2024Project management and planning for the study of the ecology and distribution of swine influenza viruses among pigs in LebanonAbou Salbi, Eli Mary
2023Safeguarding our future: a comprehensive public health approach to antimicrobial stewardship at Hariri primary health care center-Nafela foundation medical center in Taanayel, BekaaAsswad, Saly
1-Feb-2023Ubiquitin-Related Modifier 1 (URM-1) Modulates Cx43 in Breast Cancer Cell LinesEl-Hajjar, Layal; Saliba, Jessica ; Karam, Mario; Shaito, Abdullah; El Hajj, Hiba; El-Sabban, Marwan
2023Women's health in a primary healthcare center at MakhzoumiFayad, Mira