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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Acquirers Market Performance : Pre versus Post-SOX 2002 PeriodsKassamany, T; Hajjar, Samer ; Menassa, Elie 
2016Advantages and pitfalls of training in a Lebanese manufacturing Company : a qualitative approachTangoukian, Antranig; Abou Hamad, Jennifer; Menassa, Elie 
2006Branding in the Lebanese energy drink market : the case of Red BullAndraos, Amira-Salwa
2005Cooperation with accounting regulation: A question of conformity or compliance?Menassa, Elie 
2012Corporate governance in Lebanese banking sectorAbchi, Damia; Nasr, Mary; Gebrayel, Rachelle
2011Corporate social responsibility : a study of social disclosures by Lebanese insurance companiesBassil, Lea; Saba, Rim
2012Corporate social responsibility : a study of the perception of Lebanese commercial banks' managers regarding the means used to convey CSR messageRizk, Elias; Tawil, Marny
2010Corporate social Responsibility : An exploratory study of the quality and extent of social disclosures by lebanese commercial banksMenassa, Elie 
2016Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Economy : The Perception of Lebanese Business LeadersHaddad, Pierre El; Menassa, Elie 
2015Corporate Social Responsibility Decision-Making Model : A Seven Nodal ProcessHaddad, Pierre El; Menassa, Elie 
2009A critical investigation of the function of gold reserves at the Lebanese central bankMenassa, Elie 
2012Determinants of entrepreneurship failure in Lebanon : an exploratory approachMenassa, Elie ; Hokayem, Jihad El; Daw, Roy
2015E-Learning Quality AssuranceMenassa, Elie 
2020The effect of management control on employee motivation and performance in Lebanese pharmaceutical firmsHabib, Tania
2017The Effect of Switching Costs on Customer Retention : The Mobile Telecom Industry in LebanonMenassa, Elie 
2016Effects of Demographic Variables on Training Attributes : The Case of a Lebanese Cement CompanyTangoukian, Antranig; Abou Hamad, Jennifer; Menassa, Elie 
2010An empirical investigation of the decision-making style inventory : The case of Lebanese MBA candidatesDankar, Iman; Bou Sleiman, Sarah
2008Enforcing compliance with accounting rules : A scenario-based approachMenassa, Elie 
2008Enhancing Business Competitiveness through Transparent Records: The Syrian CaseMenassa, Elie 
2013An evolutionary metanorms approach to cooperation with accounting rulesMenassa, Elie