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Title: Orthodox theology and modern challenges: the ethical issues.
Authors: Nahas, Georges N.
Affiliations: Department of Education 
Issue Date: 2010
Part of: Life in Christ: Christian Ethics, Ascetic Tradition of the Church and Modern Challenges
Start page: 1
End page: 14
Conference: In Life in Christ: Christian Ethics, Ascetic Tradition of the Church and Modern Challenges (15-18 Nov 2010 : Moscow. Russia.) 
In normal circumstances, the Church is alive in the world within a tensed climate due to the fact that It "exists in this world without belonging to it" according to the Christ own words. In the twentieth Century, the Church was deeply challenged by many historical, political and cultural factors. The Orthodox Church particularly witnessed extensive pressures that reached persecution, massive exodus that push it to review its hundred years old canonical structures; the Orthodox Church also faced a universal challenge at the philosophical and social levels where the believer started wondering about legitimate issues like: -Is there any contradiction between the Orthodox Theology and Modernity? -Is there any twinge between Tradition and Modern Thinking? -Does the witness of the Orthodox Church go beyond restrictions due to time and space? By putting the problem in its context and on the basis of what may be considered as the Orthodox Tradition pillars, this article will try to answer these questions, concluding to the following: i) Orthodox Theology is potentially able to have a dialogue with Modernism. It has a specificity that allows it to have an innovating discourse while keeping its conformity with Tradition, ii) The Orthodox Church needs to create forums of discussion among pastors, scientists, men and women of goodwill, young generation, as well as sociologists and pedagogues, in order to elaborate a continuous process for future actions and dialogue with Modernity.
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Type: Conference Paper
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