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Title: Reviewing the potential: a comprehensive review of natural fibers (NFs) in structural concrete and their multifaceted influences
Authors: Hussein Jahami, Ali 
Nour Zeaiter
Mounir Cheaib
Affiliations: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 
Université Paris-Saclay, ENS Paris-Saclay, 91190, Gif-Sur-Yvette, France
Faculty of Engineering, Islamic University of Lebanon, Wardaniyeh, Lebanon
Keywords: Natural fbers (NFs)
Structural concrete
Mechanical properties
Treatment protocols
Issue Date: 2024-03-14
Part of: Innovative Infrastructure Solutions
Volume: 9
Issue: 102
This comprehensive review critically examines the application of natural fibers (NFs) in structural concrete. Natural fibers, derived from plant resources, are integrated into concrete to enhance its mechanical properties and overall functionality. The utilization of these fibers in concrete reinforcement represents a sustainable alternative to traditional steel or synthetic fibers, contributing to environmentally conscious construction practices. India leads in plant fiber research, with significant attention on coconut fiber. Notably, fiber chemical compositions, which depend on factors like environment and geography, have profound implications for concrete characteristics. Various fibers exhibit unique relationships with concrete compressive and flexural strength, highlighting the importance of determining optimal fiber concentrations. The integration of fibers influences concrete’s tensile strength, density, and elasticity, with effects varying based on fiber type and concentration. Treatment protocols, particularly with sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide, enhance tensile strength. However, introducing NFs typically compromises workability, necessitating adjustments in water or additives. Additionally, plant-derived fibers offer enhanced thermal insulation, fire resistance, and sound absorption in concrete. Continued research is vital for optimizing the benefits and addressing challenges of fiber-reinforced concrete.
DOI: 10.1007/s41062-024-01384-x
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Type: Journal Article
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