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Title: Socio-economic Strategic Venturing: Storytelling the Entrepreneur’s Future
Authors: Hillon, Yue Cai
Hillon, Mark E.
Nehme, Ziaf
Affiliations: Department of Business Administration 
Keywords: Ante-narrative
Strategic venturing
Issue Date: 2023-01-01
Part of: A World Scientific Encyclopedia of Business Storytelling Set 1 (In 5 Volumes): Corporate and Business Strategies of Business Storytelling
Start page: 131
End page: 146
An entrepreneurial venture needs to focus on the future, but actors influence everything new with ante-narratives of before, beneath, between, and bets. Storytelling intervention research reveals these ante-narrative forces and SEAM guides the process with anti-narrative perspectives to prevent dysfunctions. Beneficial ante-narratives also help prepare one for healthy functioning, as alternative futures for the living story of the enterprise are rehearsed prior to launch.
ISBN: 9789811279911
DOI: 10.1142/9789811273537_0008
Type: Book Chapter
Appears in Collections:Department of Business Administration

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