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Title: A Novel Control System for a Three-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter
Authors: Chaer, Toufic Al
Gaubert, Jean-Paul
Rambault, Laurent
Najjar, Maged B. 
Affiliations: Department of Computer Engineering 
Keywords: Robust control
Active filters
Hinfin control
Power distribution control
Power filters
Power system harmonics
PWM invertors
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: IEEE
Part of: EUROCON 2007 - The International Conference on "Computer as a Tool"
Start page: 2556
End page: 2563
Conference: EUROCON 2007 - The International Conference on "Computer as a Tool" (9-12 Sept. 2007 : Warsaw, Poland) 
In this paper, the validity of a linear complex-valued model proposed for describing a three-phase shunt active filter used to improve the quality of the electrical energy, and the ability of the Hinfin control design tool to provide a robust controller capable of compensating current harmonics demanded by switching loads are confirmed through numerical simulations. At a first time, ideal ones are performed by considering the pulse-width modulated voltage source inverter of the active filter as a simple gain. Then, a prototype of an active filtered three-phase power distribution network is built in Simulink in order to reveal difficulties that may be encountered in a real implementation and how one can overcome them. After taking into consideration the modifications required to avoid these difficulties, experimental results based on a laboratory prototype are provided to verify the effectiveness of the control algorithm.
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Type: Conference Paper
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