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Title: MRI reconstruction using SVD in the least square sense
Authors: Yaacoub, Fadi
Abche, Antoine 
Karam, Elie 
Hamam, Yskandar
Affiliations: Department of Electrical Engineering 
Department of Electrical Engineering 
Keywords: Singular value decomposition
Biological organs
Biomedical MRI
Image reconstruction
Least squares approximations
Medical image processing
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: IEEE
Part of: Twenty-First IEEE International Symposium on on Computer-Based Medical Systems
Start page: 47
End page: 49
Conference: IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (21st : 17-19 June 2008 : Jyvaskyla, Finland) 
Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a very powerful tool for imaging structures or organs of the human body in a non-invasive manner. Having collected the raw data and discretized in the k-space, Fourier methods are the natural choice to reconstruct the MRI images. In this paper, a technique to reconstruct MRI images is presented. It does not perform the inverse Fourier transform directly on the k-space images. It is based on the SVD decomposition in the least square sense. This approach is compared with other existing approaches using different criteria such as the Root Mean Square and the performance test. The results show that the proposed approach is much better.
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Type: Conference Paper
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