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Title: Effect of Electrofiltration on the Dewatering Kinetics of Arthrospira platensis and Biocompound Recovery
Authors: Aoude, Christa
Grimi, Nabil
Zakhem, Henri El 
Vorobiev, Eugène
Affiliations: Faculty of Engineering 
Keywords: Dewatering
Microalgae Arthrospira platensis
Phycocyanin | protein
Issue Date: 2022-12-05
Publisher: MDPI
Part of: Separations
Volume: 9
Issue: 12
Arthrospira platensis (A. platensis) is a microalga with a wide range of commercial uses. One of the main concerns that needs to be addressed in microalgae biorefineries is the costs associated with the harvesting and concentration steps. Filtration has been shown to be an effective technique for concentrating microalgae and recent studies have attempted to enhance membrane filtration by applying an external electric field to the filtration cell. This study consisted of assessing the use of electrically assisted filtration (electrofiltration) at 60 A/m2 and 1 bar for the dewatering of A. platensis, as well as the effect of pretreating the microalgae with ultrasounds (US) on the filtration process. Untreated A. platensis exhibited better filtration kinetics than US-treated A. platensis, and electrofiltration was found to increase the cake dryness. More protein and pigments were present in the US-treated microalgae solution compared to the untreated microalgae, which led to the presence of higher concentrations of protein and pigments in the filtrate streams after pressure filtration at 1 bar without the application of an external electric field. Electrofiltration was found to consume less energy compared to traditional drying techniques used for A. platensis. However, electrofiltration degrades the biocompounds present in the filtrate and cake due to pH changes and other electrophoresis phenomena, which shows the need to optimize the process in future work.
DOI: 10.3390/separations9120410
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Type: Journal Article
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