Department of Chemical Engineering

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Cradle-to-grave life cycle assessment of an air to water heat pump: Case study for the Lebanese context and comparison with solar and conventional electric water heaters for residential applicationSaoud, Assaad; Harajli, Hassan; Manneh, Rima 
2021Life cycle assessment of two packaging materials for carbonated beverages (polyethylene terephthalate vs. glass): Case study for the lebanese context and importance of the end-of-life scenariosMarleine Boutros; Saba, Sabine ; Manneh, Rima 
2021Life cycle assessment and water footprint scarcity of yogurtHayek, Jane; El Bachawati, Makram; Manneh, Rima 
2020Outstanding activity of a biodiesel coated K<inf>2</inf>O/fumed silica catalyst in the transesterification reactionIshak, Nijad; Estephane, Jane ; Dahdah, Eliane; Chalouhi, Lena Moussa; Nassreddine, Salim; El Khoury, Bilal; Aouad, Samer 
2021CO<inf>2</inf>reforming of methane over Ni and/or Ru catalysts supported on mesoporous KIT-6: effect of promotion with CeMahfouz, Rita; Estephane, Jane ; Gennequin, Cedric; Tidahy, Lucette; Aouad, Samer ; Abi-Aad, Edmond
2021Optimization of synthesis conditions of Ni/SbA-15 catalysts: Confined nanoparticles and improved stability in dry reforming of methaneKaydouh, Marie Nour; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Davidson, Anne; Massiani, Pascale
2021One-pot prepared mesoporous silica SBA-15-like monoliths with embedded Ni particles as selective and stable catalysts for methane dry reformingDaoura, Oscar; Fornasieri, Giulia; Boutros Maya; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Beaunier, Patricia
2013ZSM 5 SBA 15 microporous mesoporous composites prepared by a microwave assisted zeolitisation of Al-SBA 15 mesoporous solidsHabib, Sami; Launay, Franck; Zakhem, Henri El ; Vorobiev, Eugene
2020Zirconia supported nickel catalysts for glycerol steam reforming: effect of zirconia structure on the catalytic performanceDahdah, Eliane; Estephane, Jane ; Gennequin, Cédric; AbouKais, Antoine; Abi Aad, Edmond; Aouad, Samer 
2017Tuning the properties of nickel nanoparticles inside SBA-15 mesopores for enhanced stability in methane reformingKaram, Leila; Casale, Sandra; Zakhem, Henri El ; Hassan, Nissrine El 
2020Tuning combined steam and dry reforming of methane for "metgas" production : A thermodynamic approach and state-of-the-art catalystsJabbour, Karam 
2006Synthesis and biological evaluation of homoserine lactone derived ureas as antagonists of bacterial quorum sensingFrezza, Marine; Castang, Sandra; Estephane, Jane ; Soul; Deshayes, Christian; Chantegrel , Bernard; Nasser, William; Queneau, Yves; Reverchon, Sylvie; Doutheau, Alain
2009Structure and enhanced reactivity of chromocene carbonyl confined inside cavities of NaY zeoliteEstephane, Jane ; Groppo, Elena; Damin, Alessandro; Vitillo, Jenny G.; Gianolio, Diego; Lamberti, Carlo; Bordiga, Silvia; Prestipino, Carmelo; Nikitenko, Sergej; Quadrelli, Alessandra Elsje; Taoufik, Mostafa; Basset, Jean Marie; Zecchina, Adriano
2014Stimulation of saccharomyces cerevisiae cultures by pulsed electric fieldsMattar, Jessy; Turk, Mohammad F.; Nonus, Maurice; Lebovka, Nikolai I.; Zakhem, Henri El ; Vorobiev, Eugene
2010Spatial variability of intake fractions for canadian emission scenarios: a comparison between three resolution scalesManneh, Rima ; Margni, Manuele; Deschenes, Louise
2006Size-induced structural modifications affecting Co3O4 nanoparticles patterned in SBA-15 silicasLopes, Irène; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Guerba, Hadjira; Wallez, Gilles; Davidson, Anne
2017Seasonal variability of temperature profiles of vegetative and traditional gravel-ballasted roofs: a case study for LebanonKoura, Jessica; Manneh, Rima ; Belarbi, Rafik; El Khoury, Vanessa; Bachawati, Makram El 
2015S. cerevisiae fermentation activity after moderate pulsed electric field pre-treatmentsMattar, Jessy; Turk, Mohammad F.; Nonus, Maurice; Lebovka, Nikolai I.; Zakhem, Henri El ; Vorobiev, Eugene
2016Real-time temperature monitoring for traditional gravel ballasted and extensive green roofs: a lebanese case studyBachawati, Makram El ; Manneh, Rima ; Belarbi, Rafik; Zakhem, Henri El 
2014Promotional effect of Ru on the activity and stability of Co/SBA-15 catalysts in dry reforming of methaneJabbour, Karam ; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Casale, Sandra; Estephane, Jane ; Zakhem, Henri El 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 150