Department of Chemical Engineering

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2021Equipment and recent advances in pulsed electric fieldsAoude, Christa; Lammerskitten, Alica; Parniakov, Oleksii; Zhang, Rui; Grimi, Nabil; Zakhem, Henri El ; Vorobiev, Eugene
2023Highly efficient scallop seashell-derived catalyst for biodiesel production from sunflower and waste cooking oils: Reaction kinetics and effect of calcination temperature studiesNahas, Lea; Dahdah, Eliane; Aouad, Samer ; El Khoury, Bilal; Gennequin, Cedric; Abi Aad, Edmond; Estephane, Jane 
5-Jan-2023New approach for designing wrinkled and porous ZnO thin films for photocatalytic applicationsDaher, Elie A.; Riachi, Bassam; Chamoun, Jean; Laberty-Robert, Christel; Hamd, Wael 
2022Effect of Electrofiltration on the Dewatering Kinetics of Arthrospira platensis and Biocompound RecoveryAoude, Christa; Grimi, Nabil; Zakhem, Henri El ; Vorobiev, Eugène
1-Jan-2022Effect of Impregnation with Ammonia vs Silica Support Textural Properties on Ni Nanoparticle Catalysts for Dry Reforming of MethaneDaoura, Oscar; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Boutros, Maya; Casale, Sandra; Massiani, Pascale; Launay, Franck
1-Jan-2022Dewatering of Arthrospira platensis microalgae suspension by electrofiltrationAoude, Christa; Grimi, Nabil; Zakhem, Henri El ; Vorobiev, Eugene
1-Jan-2022A thermodynamic methodology toward an optimized methane decomposition process for enhanced hydrogen production and low carbon accumulation: Effect of non-hydrocarbon co-feedsJabbour, Karam ; El Hassan, Nissrine; Arabi, Maryrose; Chemali, Rimon; Nasr, Yara 
1-Jan-2022Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane over Nickel-Supported Zeolites: A Screening StudyBacariza, Carmen; Karam, Leila; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Lopes, José M.; Henriques, Carlos
2022Recent Advances in Photocatalytic Removal of Microplastics: Mechanisms, Kinetic Degradation, and Reactor DesignHamd, Wael ; Daher, Elie A.; Tofa, Tajkia Syeed; Dutta, Joydeep
2022Influence of promoting Ni-based catalysts with ruthenium in the dry reforming of polypropylene plastics for syngas productionYounis, Aida; Estephane, Jane ; Gennequin, Cédric; Tidahy, Lucette; El Khoury, Bilal; Aouad, Samer ; Abi Aad, Edmond
2023Production of carbon nanomaterials and syngas from biogas reforming and decomposition on one-pot mesoporous nickel alumina catalystsHassan, Nissrine El ; Jabbour, Karam ; Fakeeha, Anis H.; Nasr, Yara ; Naeem, Muhammad A.; Bader Alreshaidan, Salwa; Al-Fatesh, Ahmed S.
1-Jan-2020Cost and safety issues of emerging technologies against conventional techniquesAoude, Christa; Zhang, Rui; Barba, Francisco J.; Grimi, Nabil; Galanakis, Charis M.; Prasad, Krishnamurthy Nagendra
2019Preliminary results testing what different design solutions arise from different sustainable design methodsFaludi, Jeremy; Ali, Omar; Srour, Ola; Mecanna, Selim; Kamareddine, Rami; Chatty, Tejaswini
1-Jan-2019Do student trials predict what professionals value in sustainable design practices?Faludi, Jeremy; Yiu, Felix; Srour, Ola; Kamareddine, Rami; Ali, Omar; Mecanna, Selim
1-Jan-2022Awareness of Citizens for the Single-Use Plastics: Comparison between a High-Income and an Upper-Middle-Income Economy of the Easter Mediterranean Region, Greece and LebanonGareiou, Zoe; Chroni, Christina; Kontoleon, Karolos; Bachawati, Makram El ; Saba, Marianne ; Martin, Ruth Herrero; Zervas, Efthimios
1-Jan-2020Promising catalytic systems for CO<inf>2</inf> hydrogenation into CH<inf>4</inf>: A review of recent studiesBacariza, M. Carmen; Spataru, Daniela; Karam, Leila; Lopes, José M.; Henriques, Carlos
2021Valorization of plastics in the presence of Ru-Ni/Al 2 O 3 catalysts to produce syngasYounis, Aida; Gennequin, Cedric; Aad, Edmond Abi; Estephane, Jane ; Aouad, Samer 
2022Quantitative analysis of the interaction of ethanol metabolism with gluconeogenesis and fatty acid oxidation in the perfused liver of fasted ratsChalhoub, Elie 
2022Transesterification of Refined Sunflower Oil to Biodiesel Using a CaO/ZSM-5 Powder CatalystDahdah, Eliane; Estephane, Jane ; Moussa Chalouhi, Lena; Sammoury, Safa; El Khoury, Bilal; Gennequin, Cedric; Abi-Aad, Edmond; Aouad, Samer 
2021Mesoporous nickel-alumina catalysts derived from MIL-53(Al) metal-organic framework: A new promising path for synthesizing CO<inf>2</inf> methanation catalystsKaram, Leila; Bacariza, Maria C.; Lopes, José M.; Henriques, Carlos; Reboul, Julien; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Massiani, Pascale
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 186