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12011The A2iA-telecom paristech-UOB system for the ICDAR 2009 handwriting recognition competitionKermorvant, Christopher; Menasri, Fares; Bianne-Bernard, Anne-Laure; Hajj Mohamad, Ramy Al; Mokbel, Chafic ; Likforman-Sulem, Laurence
22007Accessibility of Co3O4 particles patterned in SBA-15Lopes, Irène; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Wallez, Gilles; Thomas , C.; Davidson, Anne
32014Activity of highly dispersed Co/SBA-15 catalysts (low content) in carbon black oxidationHassan, Nissrine El ; Casale, Sandra; Aouad, Samer ; Hanein, Theodor; Jabbour, Karam ; Chidiac, Elvis; Khoury, Bilal El ; Zakhem, Henri El ; Nakat, Hanna El 
42006Adoption of high performance steel (HPS) for curved bridge structuresGergess, Antoine 
52018Advanced catalytic materials with well-defined nanostructures for energy & fuelKaram, Leila; Reboul, Julien; Casale, Sandra; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Massiani, Pascale
62018Advantages of mesoporous silica based catalysts in methane reforming by CO2 from kinetic perspectiveKaram, Leila; Hassan, Nissrine El 
72010Advantages of nonuniform arrays using root-MUSICKassis, Carine El; Picheral, José; Mokbel, Chafic 
82014An alternative approach for student counseling at university level: an empirical experience from UOBJadayel, Roula; Iaaly, Amal 
925-Oct-2022Analysis of acoustic radiation of rectangular wooden panels made of spruce, maple and cherry woodGöken, J.; Saba, Nicolas ; Anžel, I.
102019Analysis of bonded link-slabs in precast, prestressed girder bridgesGergess, Antoine 
112016Analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in lebanese surficial sediments: a focus on the regions of Tripoli, Jounieh, Dora, and TyreManneh, Rima ; Abi Ghanem, Carine; Khalaf, Gaby; Najjar, Elie; Khoury, Bilal El ; Iaaly, Amal ; Zakhem, Henri El 
122010Analytical solution of the angular velocity in the czochralski crystal growth processGerges, Najib N. ; Omran, Mazen Nazem; Sinder, Arthur David
132020Aqueous nickel(II) hydroxycarbonate instead of nickel(0) colloids as precursors of stable Ni-silica based catalysts for the dry reforming of methaneDaoura, Oscar; Chawich, Ghenwa El; Boutros, Maya; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Massiani, Pascale; Ersen, Ovidiu; Baaziz, Walid; Launay, Franck
142001Arabic documents indexing and classification based on latent semantic analysis and self-organizing mapMokbel, Chafic ; Greige, Hanna ; Sarraf, Charles; Kurimo, Mikko
152005Arabic handwriting recognition using baseline dependant features and hidden Markov modelingHajj Mohamad, Ramy Al; Likforman-Sulem, Laurence; Mokbel, Chafic 
162015Arabic handwritten document preprocessing and recognitionChammas, Edgar; Mokbel, Chafic ; Likforman-Sulem, Laurence
172009Arabic language resources and tools for speech and natural languageAlghamdi, Mansour; Mokbel, Chafic ; Mrayati, Mohamed
182013Assessing groundwater quality in a coastal area using the GIS techniqueHoz, Mervat El; Mohsen, Abir; Iaaly, Amal 
192020Assessing the potential of xNi-yMg-Al2O3 catalysts prepared by EISA-one-pot synthesis towards CO2 methanationKaram, Leila; Bacariza, Carmen M.; Lopez-Cuesta, José-Marie; Henriques, Carlos; Massiani, Pascale; Hassan, Nissrine El 
202016Assessing water quality using GIS: the case of northern Lebanon miocene aquiferSaba, Marianne ; Iaaly, Amal ; Carlier, Eric; Gerges, Najib N.