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Title: Image registration based on edge dominant corners
Authors: Nachar, Rabih 
Inaty, Elie 
Bonnin, Patrick J
Affiliations: Department of Telecommunications and Networking Engineering 
Department of Electrical Engineering 
Keywords: Image edge detection
Approximation methods
Approximation algorithms
Deformable models
Current measurement
Subjects: Image registration
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: IEEE
Part of: VISAPP International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications
Conference: International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (VISAPP) (9th : 5-8 Jan. 2014 : Lisbon, Portugal) 
This paper presents a new algorithm for image registration working on an image sequence using dominant corners located on the image's edges under the assumption that the deformation between the successive images can be modeled by an affine transformation. To guarantee this assumption, the time interval between acquired images should be small like the time interval in a video sequence. In the edge image, dominant corners are extracted per linked contour and form a polygon that best approximates the current linked contour. The number of these dominant corners per contour is derived automatically given an approximation error. These dominant corners are shown to be very repeatable under affinity transformation. Then, a Primitive is constructed by four dominant corners. The invariant measure that characterizes each primitive is the ratio of areas of two triangles constructed by two triplets selected from these four corners.
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Type: Conference Paper
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