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Title: Structural performance of fiber reinforced cementitious plinths in precast girder bridges
Authors: Gergess, Antoine 
Challita, Julie
Affiliations: Faculty of Engineering 
Keywords: Beam theory
Closed-form solution
Concrete plinth
Elastic foundation
Steel fiber
Issue Date: 2022-05-10
Part of: Structural Engineering and Mechanics
Volume: 82
Issue: 3
Start page: 313
End page: 323
Steel laminated elastomeric bearings are commonly used in bridge structures to control displacements and rotations and transfer forces from the superstructure to the substructure. Proper knowledge of design, fabrication and erection procedures is important to ensure stability and adequate structural performance during the lifetime of the bridge. Difference in elevations sometimes leads to large size gaps between the bearing and the girder which makes the grout thickness that is commonly used for leveling deviate beyond standards. This paper investigates the structural response of High Strength Fiber Reinforced Cementitious (HSFRC) thin plinths that are used to close gaps between bearing pads and precast girders. An experimental program was developed for this purpose where HSFRC plinths of different size were cast and tested under vertical loads that simulate bridge loading in service. The structural performance of the plinths was closely monitored during testing, mainly crack propagation, vertical reaction and displacement. Analytically, the HSFRC plinth was analyzed using the beam on elastic foundation theory as the supporting elastomeric bearing pads are highly compressible. Closed form solutions were derived for induced displacement and forces and comparisons were made between analytical and experimental results. Finally, recommendations were made to facilitate the practical use of HSFRC plinths in bridge construction based on its enhanced load carrying capacity in shear and flexure.
ISSN: 12254568
DOI: 10.12989/sem.2022.82.3.313
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Type: Journal Article
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