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Title: Passive wideband concentric rings resonator for vocal cords abnormalities detection: Application on larynx cancer pathologies
Authors: Matta, Sandrine
Diab, Daher
Saad, Nadine
Ishac, Dany
Nassar, Georges
Affiliations: Faculty of Engineering 
Faculty of Engineering 
Issue Date: 2020
Part of: Review of Scientific Instruments
Volume: 91
Issue: 1
This work addresses the study and design of a diagnostic device consisting of a thin-film sensor array based on 8-mm concentered rings, acting as an autonomous acoustic sensor covering a wide range of resonance frequencies (0.1 KHz-2 MHz). In addition to its advantageous shape, this device integrates both the active vibratory element and the embedded electronics dedicated to coding, control, and analysis. The results show that the experimental device could be the basis of a telemedical platform for the objective assessment and monitoring of chronic laryngeal dysphonia through the spectro-temporal analysis of the vibration of the vocal cords. Furthermore, this non-invasive, non-intrusive protocol does not require the physical cooperation of the patient.
ISSN: 00346748
DOI: 10.1063/1.5090193
Type: Journal Article
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