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Title: Method for improving ladder bulk acoustic wave filters rejection
Authors: Shirakawa, Alexandre.A
Hassan, Moustapha El 
Pham, Jean-Marie
Jarry, Pierre
Kerherve, Eric
David, Jean-Baptiste
Dumont, Fabien
Belot, Didier
Affiliations: Department of Electrical Engineering 
Keywords: BAW filter
Issue Date: 2008
Part of: Journal of analog integrated circuits and signal processing
Volume: 55
Issue: 1
Start page: 69
End page: 75
This paper address design guidelines for improving the rejection of ladder bulk acoustic wave filters. An overview of the bulk acoustic wave filters technology enables to outcome the principal features of ladder filters. The lack of out-of-band rejection is currently an important weakness of this topology. The design technique presented enables to improve bulk acoustic wave ladder filters rejection by using their input/output bonding wires. Finally, the technique is used for design and fabrication of a bulk acoustic wave ladder filter for application in W-CDMA reception (2.11–2.17 GHz) front-ends. The filter measurement results show a significant improvement on the filter rejection at the transmission band (from −19 to 34 dB) and on the return loss (from −10 to −16 dB) without considerable modification of filter insertion loss and selectivity.
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Type: Journal Article
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