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Title: Impact of optical hard limiter on the performance of an optical overlapped-code division multiple access system
Authors: Inaty, Elie 
Raad, Robert
Tablieh, Nicole
Affiliations: Department of Electrical Engineering 
Department of Electrical Engineering 
Keywords: Multi-wavelength OCDMA
Fiber Bragg grating (FBG)
Overlapping coefficient
Issue Date: 2011
Part of: Spie journal of optical engineering
Volume: 50
Issue: 8
Start page: 058003-1
End page: 085003-5
Throughout this paper, a closed form expression of the multiple access interference (MAI) limited bit error rate (BER) is provided for the multiwavelength optical code-division multiple-access system when the system is working above the nominal transmission rate limit imposed by the passive encoding-decoding operation. This system is known in literature as the optical overlapped code division multiple access (OV-CDMA) system. A unified analytical framework is presented emphasizing the impact of optical hard limiter (OHL) on the BER performance of such a system. Results show that the performance of the OV-CDMA system may be highly improved when using OHL preprocessing at the receiver side.
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Type: Journal Article
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