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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Transgenerational Trauma reconceptualized from a resilience perspectiveNahas, Nayla G. 
22020Supporting Syrian families displaced by armed conflict : A pilot randomized controlled trial of the Caregiver Support InterventionMiller, Kenneth W; Koppenol-Gonzalez, Gabriela V.; Arnous, Maguy; Tossyeh, Fadila; Chen, Alexandra; Nahas, Nayla G. ; Jordans, Mark J.D
32007Resilience Of Lebanese Children In The After War. La psychothérapie daujourdhuiNahas, Nayla G. 
42020Protocol for a randomized control trial of the caregiver support intervention with Syrian refugees in LebanonMiller, Kenneth E.; Arnous, Maguy; Tossyeh, Fadila; Chen, Alexandra; Bakolis, Ioannis; Koppenol-Gonzalez, Gabriela V.; Nahas, Nayla G. ; Jordans, Mark J.D
52020Perceptions and Health-Seeking Behaviour for Mental Illness Among Syrian Refugees and Lebanese Community Members in Wadi Khaled, North Lebanon : A Qualitative StudyLaham, Dana Al; Ali, Engy; Mousally, Krystel; Nahas, Nayla G. ; Alameddine, Abbas ; Venables , Emilie
62017Liens entre les pratiques éducatives, le style dattachement du parent et les comportements dinattention et dhyperactivité/impulsivitéNahas, Nayla G. ; Normandeau, Sylvie; Lapointe, Julie Girard
72020Liens dattachement : une autre perspective pour une autre culture. Étude exploratoire sur des enfants libanaisNahas, Nayla G. 
81994Les fonctions du corps chez les enfantsNahas, Nayla G. 
92015De la Compétence au sentiment de Compétence : lAutoefficacité du Maître et de lEnfant au Coeur du Changement.Nahas, Nayla G. 
102009Identifying Potential Stressors of University Students : The case of the University of BalamandNahas, Nayla G. ; Williamson, Laurie; Menassa, Elie 
112004Gender, education and child labour in LebanonNahas, Nayla G. 
122020Attachment bonds : Another view for another culture. A preliminary study with Lebanese childrenNahas, Nayla G. 
132012Agentivité et Résilience. La croyance en Dieu : facteur de risque ou de protectionNahas, Nayla G.