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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Scaling of a wind turbine into a full-scale prototype with a self-regulating shield mechanismYoussef, Wissam
2020Seashell-derived catalysts for biodiesel production : reaction kinetics, energy balance, and process optimizationNahas, Les
2021SECOFACH FactoryMikhael, Rima
2023Secondary traumatic stress in a sample of Lebanese mental health workers responding to the Beirut blastBakri, Lama
2019Secure and highly available multiclouds storage systemEsber, Elias; Sabouneh, Salim
2019Seismic design of a twenty story office buildingKaram, Simon; Nicolas, Jack
2019Seismic design of an 18 story hospitalSaba, Michel; Hawi, Julian
2018Seismic retrofit of R/C beams by wrapping potential plastic hinge zones with CFRPNakad, Ibrahim; Fares, Georgio
2021Selection of engineering consulting firms using multi criteria decision making methodsGeorges, Marie Belle
2018The selection, recruiting, and retention challenges of employees in NGOsDayaa, Samer; Bou Zeid, Elias; Khoury, Rami
2018Self-compacting concrete with recycled aggregatesMaalouf, Joe; Saliba, Youssef
2023Sept wineryTamer, Nada
2022Shallow and deep foundations design for a high-rise residential buildingFayad, Jack
2020Shear strengthening of reinforced concrete beams using ultra high performance cementitious (UHPC) materialsKhoury, Angela; Merheb, Andrew
2020Should we integrate AI in business education programs?Karam, Scarlett
2021Signature recognition using majority votingAoude, Fadi
2021A six dimension framework guiding teacher dialogues with EFL students about microlevel and macrolevel errors in their writingKozaiha, Fadi
2021Smart grid technology IEEE 6-bus power systemNakhel, Paul
2023Smoking prevention for secondary high school students in Borj Al-BarajinahZeineddine, Jaafar
2022Solid waste management in Btouratij using geographic information systemIssa, George