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Title: Secure and highly available multiclouds storage system
Authors: Esber, Elias
Sabouneh, Salim
Advisors: Mokbel, Chafic 
Issue Date: 2019
With the advancement of the cloud storage system, vulnerabilities associated with cloud have increased a lot. It is affecting the stored data in the cloud. The hackers are widely spreading all over the world. Thereby, serious concerns are shown from the capability of the hackers to gain access into peoples accounts by becoming more familiar with the clouds weaknesses. Clouds service providers develop technologies to face this challenge. However, the users remain alerted about the possible loss or intrusion in their data. One possibility to increase both the safety and availability of the data is to distribute them on several clouds obliging the hackers to break into different systems before being able to catch the users data. In this report, a new approach called "Secured and Highly Available Multicloud Storage System" (SHAMSS) is proposed. The key idea is to divide users data into chunks using an erasure code and to save the chunks on different public clouds in a way that it is computationally difficult to reconstruct the data from one cloud set of chunks while it is possible to recover the data if one cloud fails over (if 3 clouds or more are being used). The system is presented as an interface between a user and the cloud system. A prototype has been developed and is described to prove the feasibility and some measurements collected indicate the efficiency of the approach.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 26).

Supervised by Dr. Chafic Mokbel.
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