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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018On the relationship between the emotional intelligence of caregivers and the attachment of the institutionalized children they care for : a correlational studyHelou, Angela
2023Optimal cost with the best cable performance comparing the copper and the aluminium conductorsDandachi, Alaa
2021Optimal sensor placement of a high-rise building using the combined genetic algorithm-ensemble Kalman filter frameworkNemer, Georges Al
2023Optimization of polymer-modified repair mortar using Taguchi methodAzar, Abdallah Khalil
2022Optimize the prediction of the driver's state using feature selection techniques on physiological signalsNabhan, Elissa
2021Oudi Al Khalediah : experiencing Najd lifestyle in eco-lodging and recreational spacesGhabach, Charbel
2021Palmprint recognition systemAbdelmalak, Assem; Choucair, Dany
2018Patterns of tumorigenic markers and impact of N-acetylation polymorphism in a Lebanese bladder cancer cohortKawak, Michelle El
2023Paws n' Claws pet centerOmran, Farah
2018Perception on the role of parents in their children's education and possible intersections with socioeconomic factors : perspectives from AkkarNaous, Shaza
2020Performance of the Q-checkerboard technique as a means to study the combination of four antibiotics against Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 29213Razzouk, Riyad
2020Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment by Titanium dioxide photocatalysis : case of Escitalopram oxalateKhalil, Mario
2018Photocatalysis of hospital waste water : case of amlodipineAyoubi, Sami; Chaoul, Ramy
2020Physio-chemical and microbial analysis of the Kadisha-Abou Ali river, North Lebanon
2020The portrayal of women in Arab music videos : a research oriented projectNajem, Gabriella
2022The possibility of using plastic instead of cement in constructionHawi, Elie
2022The post-crisis application of IFRS in Lebanese Alpha BanksIbrahim, Ayla; Saleh, Mia Sami
2023Post-traumatic stress disorder and resilience level in adolescentsKhoury, Cynthia
2021Preliminary steps to set up a private clinical laboratory in LebanonAyoub, Hajar
2021Prevalence and associated factors of burnout and anxiety among female migrant domestic helpers in LebanonAhmad, Sam