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Title: Palmprint recognition system
Authors: Abdelmalak, Assem
Choucair, Dany
Advisors: Dagher, Issam 
Keywords: Palmprint, Extraction, Region of interest, Feature matching
Subjects: Electrical engineering
Computational intelligence
Dissertations, Academic
University of Balamand--Dissertations
Issue Date: 2021
The problem of security had been a problem for generations. However, with the rise of the technological age security has become more than just a physical aspect. Cyber security is rising in popularity due to the importance of numbers in our days. To maintain this security is proving to be a real challenge with cyber-crime rate rising exponentially. Thus, there was an introduction of biometric systems to companies in order to fortify their protection and make it harder for intruders to access their ranks. However, the complexity of the systems developed proved to be a problem for smaller companies to whom a complex method would prove problematic since it would require high budgets. Thus, our aim in this project is to create an efficient system that would provide a good identification tool for our target companies, but at the same time without too much complexity for the implementation of the final product. Thus, we created a palmprint recognition system that is fast simple and can be an addition to any security scheme used. All the experimentation of our code was done using the Matlab software. The results of our experiment proved that we achieved good and competitive accuracy percentages with a relatively simple code.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 24-25)
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Type: Project
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