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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Gender variances in (hypo)manic symptoms amongst undiagnosed Lebanese male and female college studentsAbou Maarouf, Nadia
2022Geopolymer as repairing material for historical monumentsAdgham, Sarah Al
2023Geopolymer mix incorporating hospital glass wasteMansour, Jack
2020Geopolymer mortar under-waterHewalla, Joud
2023Geopolymer mortars with steel fibersYehia, Abdulwahab
2022Geopolymer paste as a repairing material for concreteFrangieh, Carina
2022Geopolymer pervious concrete pavement system with limestone aggregatesRachwan, Maria Ibrahim
2020GIS road mapping for public transportationIssa, Elie Sam
2023A green municipal sustainability condition assessment modelEstephan, Camille
2021Green university campus diagnosis modelKhoderchah, Elie
2023Hand hygiene in the intensive care unit: audit and interventionFata, Issa Al
2021Harassment at the workplace awareness campaignAbdul Sater, Hussein
2020Head control of a movable platform placed in a moving vehicleMouawad, Jean
2022Health promotion in fragile context : the case of EgyptNaji, Sarah
2022Heavy metal media : the representation of metal music in the Lebanese mediaMetry, Tatyana
2020Hero Plus What : positive psychological capital in Lebanese civil society organizations' leadersDennawi, Ghada
2023Homeless shelter and rehabilitationNassour, Johnny
2020How do Lebanese consumers react toward women empowerment advertising campaigns?Merhbi, Yasmine; Awad, Mira; Abi Saab, Melissa
2020Hydrogen production by methane decomposition : catalyst design and thermodynamic optimizationNasr, Yara Gaby
2020Hydrogen production from natural gas on new alumina-based catalystsDankar, Joudy