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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A face recognition system : a novel non-negative matrix factorization based approachKhnayzir, John; Abboud, Elie
2019Facets of dispositional mindfulness and perceived stress in Lebanese adolescentsStephan, Nicole Lyn
2021Factors affecting enterprise risk management readiness in hospitals : a survey in North Lebanon and AkkarGereige, Maria
2021Factors of delay and cost overrun in negotiated contracts in the precast industry in LebanonMoubarak, Youssef
2023Factors that influence brand loyalty during times of economic depression in LebanonMaassarani, Yara; Obeid, Kareem
2022Fault analysis on a smart gridGhattas, Fouad
2018Feasibility of underground earthquake braceletGerges, Amal
2023Field of action and management strategies for sustainable schoolsMoussa, Nicole
2023Fighting cancer in Lebanon : a story of perseverance and triumphDamaa, Nicole
2022Finite element analysis for the strengthening of reinforced concrete beams with weak shear reinforcement using high performance fiber reinforced concrete platingGedeon, Pierre
2020Finite element analysis of lean duplex stainless steel perforated girdersChehade, Kynda
2022Finite element analysis of reinforced concrete beams using high-performance fiber reinforced concreteSeifeddine, Oliver
2018Finite element study of rolling technologies applied in industrial fieldEsber, Monzer Al
2023Fire safety and emergency planning in a school settingWehbe, Corelle
2023French metakaolin based geopolymer mortars produced with bottom ashAbdayem, Joseph
2023Gender variances in (hypo)manic symptoms amongst undiagnosed Lebanese male and female college studentsAbou Maarouf, Nadia
2022Geopolymer as repairing material for historical monumentsAdgham, Sarah Al
2023Geopolymer mix incorporating hospital glass wasteMansour, Jack
2020Geopolymer mortar under-waterHewalla, Joud
2023Geopolymer mortars with steel fibersYehia, Abdulwahab