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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Seismic analysis and design of a high rise buildingHarb, Elie; Azizeh, Joe
2016Seismic design and dynamic analysis of a 10- storey residential buildingHaydar, Alisania; Jbeily, Fadi; Karam, Christina
2015Seismic design of a nine stories residential buildingTakouzli, Ghazi; Baccar, Fayssal
2012Seismic design of a ten storey residential buildingBaalbaki, Amal; Sayadi, Taha El
2014Seismic design of a towerZerbe, Lara; Abi Younes, Alda; Khalil, Noura
2012Seismic design of a twelve storey residential buildingSleyman, Elias; Mouawad, Fadi; Chrayteh, Ali
2019Seismic design of a twenty story office buildingKaram, Simon; Nicolas, Jack
2019Seismic design of an 18 story hospitalSaba, Michel; Hawi, Julian
2015Seismic design of an eighteen story buildingMouffarrij, Elie; Raad, Yahya
2003Seismic design of an irregular office buildingKhoury , Maya; Husseini, Bassel
2003Seismic design of irregular building with diaphragm openingHanna, Jamil; Sayadi, Yasser
2010Seismic design of sixteen-storey complex using special moment resisting framesAntoun, Christian; Hassan, Hilal El
2009Structural seismic design of Dolphin HotelMassry, Antonio Al; Frangieh, Tony