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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Mar-2022Angiotensin II Type I Receptor (AT1R): The Gate towards COVID-19-Associated DiseasesEl-Arif, George; Khazaal, Shaymaa; Farhat, Antonella; Harb, Julien; Annweiler, Cédric; Wu, Yingliang; Cao, Zhijian; Kovacic, Hervé; Abi Khattar, Ziad; Fajloun, Ziad; Sabatier, Jean-Marc
2021Assessing municipalities management practices in response to COVID-19 outbreak - evidence from LebanonSerhan, Carole ; Elissa Barakat; Leonie Nemer
7-Nov-2023Association between Lifestyle Factors and COVID-19Akbar, Zoha; Kunhipurayil, Hasna H.; Saliba, Jessica ; Ahmad, Jamil; Mansoori, Layla Al; Khatib, Hebah Al; Thani, Asmaa A. Al; Shi, Zumin; Shaito, Abdullah A.
3-Apr-2024The Association between Lifestyle Factors and COVID-19: Findings from Qatar BiobankAkbar, Zoha; Kunhipurayil, Hasna H; Saliba, Jessica ; Ahmad, Jamil; Al-Mansoori, Layla; Al-Khatib, Hebah A; Al Thani, Asmaa A; Shi, Zumin; Shaito, Abdullah A
8-Feb-2022Awareness of Citizens for the Single-Use Plastics: Comparison between a High-Income and an Upper-Middle-Income Economy of the Easter Mediterranean Region, Greece and LebanonGareiou, Zoe; Chroni, Christina; Kontoleon, Karolos; Bachawati, Makram El ; Saba, Marianne ; Martin, Ruth Herrero; Zervas, Efthimios
Jun-2023COVID-19 and information flow between cryptocurrencies, and conventional financial assetsAssaf, Ata ; Mokni, Khaled; Youssef, Manel
2021COVID-19 and the risk of homicide-suicide among older adultsGhossoub, Elias; Wakim, Mary Lee T.; Khoury, Rita
1-Mar-2024COVID-19 herd immunity in Lebanon: Challenges and prospectsMaatouk, Christopher; Germanos, Orestis; Aad, Anna Maria; Gandour, Georges; Buban, Julian M.A.; Maatouk, Ralph; Zeina, Michelle; Budhathoki, Shyam Sundar; Lucero-Prisno, Don Eliseo
2021COVID-19 in conflict region: the arab levant responseBizri, Nazih A; Alam, Walid; Mobayed, Tala; Tamim, Hani; Makki, Maha; Mushrrafieh, Umayya
2022COVID-19 transmission in surgical smoke during laparoscopy and open surgery: a systematic reviewMatta, Imad; Laganà, Antonio Simone; Ghabi, Elie; Bitar, Lynn; Ayed, Amal; Petousis, Stamatios; Vitale, Salvatore Giovanni; Sleiman, Zaki
Jan-2023Does economic policy uncertainty drive the dynamic spillover among traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies? The role of the COVID-19 pandemicAl-Shboul, Mohammad; Assaf, Ata ; Mokni, Khaled
1-Jan-2024Dynamic connectedness between energy markets and the Brazilian cash market: An empirical analysis pre- and post-COVID-19Palazzi, Rafael Baptista; Assaf, Ata ; Klotzle, Marcelo Cabus
2021Economic policy uncertainty and dynamic spillover among precious metals under market conditions: Does COVID-19 have any effects?Assaf, Ata 
2021Endothelial dysfunction and covid-19 (Review)Daher, Jalil 
27-Sep-2022Essentials of Telebehavioral Health: A Practical GuideMahmoud, Hossam; Naal, Hady; Whaibeh, Emile 
2021Food security and COVID-19 in Afghanistan: a two-sided battlefrontAhmadi, Attaullah; Gandour, Georges; Ghaffari, Hujjatullah; Sati, Heba; Mrad, Anthony Abou; Semaan, Serena; Elhadi, Yasir Ahmed Mohammed; Mousavi, Sayed Hamid; Arif, Shamim; Madadi, Shekiba; Lucero-Prisno, Don Eliseo
2020The impact of COVID-19 on undergraduate medical educationAyoub, Elian; Bahous, Sola; Chamsy, Dina; Choukair, Mary 
2021Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on medical waste management in LebanonMaalouf, Amani; Maalouf, Hani
24-Apr-2023Incidence of pediatric tonsillitis, otitis and upper respiratory infectious entities in the pre and post COVID-19 quarantine erasAbi Zeid Daou, Christophe; Yammine, Yara; Daou, Anne-Marie; A R Feghali, Patrick; Najjar, Wassim; Barazi, Randa
2021An investigation of the association between religious coping, fatigue, anxiety and depressive symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic in Morocco: a web-based cross-sectional surveyZarrouq, Btissame; Abbas, Nivine H. ; Hilaly, Jaouad El; Asri, Achraf El; Abbouyi, Samira