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2020Antimicrobials from venomous animals: an overviewYacoub, Tania; Rima, Mohamad; Karam, Marc ; Sabatier, Jean Mark; Fajloun, Ziad
2020Cytotoxic effect of montivipera bornmuelleri's venom on cancer cell lines: in vitro and in vivo studiesHaddoub, Carol; Rima, Mohamad; Heurtebise, Sandrine; Lawand, Myriam; Jundi, Dania; Sadek, Riyad; Amigorena, Sebastian; Fajloun​, Ziad; Karam, Marc 
2018Montivipera bornmuelleri venom has immunomodulatory effects mainly up-regulating pro-inflammatory cytokines in the spleens of miceYacoub, Tania; Rima, Mohamad; Sadek, Riyad; Hleihel, Walid; Fajloun, Ziad; Karam, Marc 
2-Jan-2022The Pathophysiology of Long COVID throughout the Renin-Angiotensin SystemKhazaal, Shaymaa; Harb, Julien; Rima, Mohamad; Annweiler, Cédric; Wu, Yingliang; Cao, Zhijian; Abi Khattar, Ziad; Legros, Christian; Kovacic, Hervé; Fajloun, Ziad; Sabatier, Jean-Marc
22-Jan-2022SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, and Reproduction: Effects on Fertility, Pregnancy, and Neonatal LifeHarb, Julien; Debs, Nour; Rima, Mohamad; Wu, Yingliang; Cao, Zhijian; Kovacic, Hervé; Fajloun, Ziad; Sabatier, Jean-Marc
2018Vipers of the middle east: a rich source of bioactive moleculesRima, Mohamad; Alavi Naini, Seyedeh Maryam; Karam, Marc ; Sadek, Riyad; Sabatier, Jean Mark; Fajloun, Ziad