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17-Mar-2022Alternatives to Enhance the Structural Performance of PET-Modified Reinforced Concrete BeamsAssaad, Joseph ; Khalil, Mario; Khatib, Jamal
5-Sep-2022Comparative Analysis between Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing-Based Frameworks for Optimal Sensor Placement and Structural Health Monitoring PurposesNasr, Dana ; Dahr, Reina El; Assaad, Joseph ; Khatib, Jamal
1-Mar-2022The Effect of Adding Phragmites australis Fibers on the Properties of ConcreteMachaka, Meheddene; Khatib, Jamal; Baydoun, Safaa; Elkordi, Adel; Assaad, Joseph 
1-Dec-2023From waste to resource: utilizing municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash and recycled rubber in pervious concrete pavementNasser Eddine, Zeinab; Barraj, Firas ; Khatib, Jamal; Elkordi, Adel
25-Jan-2023Investigation of Using Crushed Glass Waste as Filler Replacement in Hot Asphalt MixturesBarraj, Firas ; Mahfouz, Sarah; Kassem, Hussein; Khatib, Jamal; Goulias, Dimitrios; Elkordi, Adel
1-Jul-2024Multi-criteria optimization of SBR-modified mortar incorporating polyethylene terephthalate wasteEl-Mir, Abdulkader ; Fayad, Tony; Assaad, Joseph ; El Dandachy, Mohamad Ezzedine; Khatib, Jamal; El-Hassan, Hilal
22-Aug-2023Properties of mortar containing Phragmites Australis AshKhatib, Jamal; ElKhatib, Lelian; Assaad, Joseph ; El Kordi, Adel
29-Mar-2024Uncertainty analysis for the dynamic modulus of recycled asphalt mixtures using unclassified fractionated RAP materialsBarraj, Firas ; Hatoum, Ali; Khatib, Jamal; Assaad, Joseph ; Castro, Alberte; Elkordi, Adel
1-Jan-2023Volume Stability of Pervious Concrete Pavement Containing Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Bottom AshNasser Eddine, Zeinab; Barraj, Firas ; Khatib, Jamal; Elkordi, Adel