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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Awareness sessions for nursing students regarding most common mental health issues and the coping mechanisms among nurses in LebanonBaghdady, Dana
2023The bioavailability of the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) in umbilical cord tissues as a perspective for stem-cell secretome-mediated skin rejuvenation mechanismFares, Reina
2011Carbapenem resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa : OPRD downregulation and the types of METALLO-?-LACTAMASES producedTurk, Mostafa Al
2023Caring for patients' and employees' health and safety : hazard identification and risk assessment of a medical centerRayess, Farah
2024Characteristics and outcome of COVID-19 patients admitted to the ICU during the pandemic : a pilot studyFreij, Mohammad
2017Characterization of a human colorectal cancer cell line resistant to 5-fluorouracil in an attempt to reverse the mechanisms of resistanceAbdelKarim, Ghina
2014Characterization of darfiyeh cheese : involvement of the probiotic effects of lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis and lactobacillis plantrumAbu Salbi, Rana
2010Clonality and effect of antibiotic consumption on resistance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from Lebanese patients with emphasis on MBL productionMoawad, Rima
2011Clostridium difficile in a tertiary care hospital : patient characteristics and molecular epidemiologyIsmail, Ahmad
2023Colonisation [sic] colonization of hospitalized patients with carbapenem, 3GC resistant gram-negative organism : a longitudinal studyKhoury, Yara-Lynne El
2019Community mobilization for a safe life for childrenHilani, Sasha
2019Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) program in Aarsal and Tripoli implementation research (I.R) : contextual factors and implementation outcomes Lebanon 2019 : a pilot studyMikhael, Eliana
2016CXCL5 rs352046 polymorphism association with non small cell lung carcinoma prevalence and stages among two Lebanese medical centersNicolas, Adele
2012CYP2E1 and NQO1 polymorphisms, environmental factors and bladder cancer risk in Lebanese : a case-control studyBasma, Hussein
2014CYP3A4, Tacrolimus and kidney transplantationAntoun, Stephanie
2016CYP3A5, Tacrolimus and kidney transplantationSadek, Zahraa
2012The cytotoxicity assay of genoidentical and phenoidentical donor : natural killer cells against acute myeloid leukemic blasts for adoptive relapse immunotherapySemaan, Rose
2023Design and evaluation of awareness sessions on cholera and bacterial infections for caritas youthSalem, Pamela
2011Detection of Cathepsins D, E and S levels in breast cancer biopsiesRadi, Wadih
2021Development of health communication for the benefit of older adultsAbi Saab, Aimee