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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A pilot study of university professors and students' perception regarding accrediation of business schools in LebanonMenassa, Elie 
2006A pilot study on Fiedler's leadership styles in the Lebanese banking sectorDarzi, Fadi
2007Post-implementation of ISO: 9001-2000 : the case of Future Pipe IndustriesAjam, Tarek
2009Profit management efficiency of the lebanese commercial banking sector: a ratio analysis approachMenassa, Elie 
2014Purchasing intention and word of mouth: a modification of the theory of planned behaviorMenassa, Elie ; Hallab, S.
2015The quality and quantity of corporate social responsibility disclosures of UAE banks: a pre-post U.S. financial crisis analysisMenassa, Elie ; Dagher, N.
2019The relevance of the COSO 2013 framework for the military industry : the case of the purchase function of Lebanese Armed ForcesMawad, Jamile
2020Reporting mechanisms and delegation of decision rights : the case of the Lebanese banking sectorTayoun, Theresa; Frangieh, Rosa
2019Restaurant rating prediction through features : a Zomato caseAnnous, Ezzat; Audi, Austin
2014Risk and cost of unethical business conductMenassa, Elie 
2006The role of enforcement factors in promoting stable cooperation with accounting rules: a scenario-based approachMenassa, Elie 
2017Sensitivity of companies stock returns to product recalls in the children toys and apparel industries : a socio-economic perspective.Menassa, Elie ; Matta, E.
2008Service quality expectations in the Lebanese FMCG marketAbdou, Marwan
2017The social doing of strategy: a shift towards a practice-based perspctiveShahda , E; Menassa, Elie 
2016Social responsibility disclosures and gender board composition: the german' universal banks caseMenassa, Elie ; Brodhäcker, Martina; Haddad, Pierre El
2010Sustainability as an item of corporate social disclosure : the case of higher education in LebanonDebbaneh, Joelle
2020Tax evasion in Lebanon : investigating the dynamics of Cressey's hypothesisMikhael, Mariam; Nasr, Sandra; Youssef, Elias
2015Training benefits and challenges in a lebanese manufacturing companyTangoukian, Antranig; Abou Hamad, Jennifer; Menassa, Elie 
2010Transparency and accountability of central banks: a financial reporting rerspectiveMenassa, Elie 
2017The type and quantity of corporate social disclosures of german 'universal' banksMenassa, Elie ; Brodhäcker, Martina