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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Temperature based GIS approach for asphalt binder specifications in LebanonKhalil, Nariman ; Iaaly, Amal ; Jadayel, Oussama Chafiq
1-Jan-2023Testing Different Tracer Types in Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements in ElectrohydrodynamicsDaaboul, Michel ; Matar, Ihssan; Nassar, Michelle; Louste, Christophe
1-Jan-2023Thermo-Economic Comparison of Solar Thermal Cooling and Solar Photovoltaic Cooling Systems for a Typical Residential Building - Lebanese Case StudyLahoud, Christy; Brouche, Marwan; Lahoud, Chawki ; Hmadi, Mohamed
2017Toward minimizing wear in prosthetic socket by optimizing reliefs areasNehme, Gabi ; Khalife, Youssif; Chagoury, Antoun; Dib, Micheline; Ghalambor, Saeed
2016Towards minimizing wear by improving antiwear additives and surface characteristics using reduced phosphorus plain ZDDP oil under boundary lubricationNehme, Gabi ; Ghalambor, Saeed
2015Towards the minimization of friction and wear using fluorinated additives under extreme boundary lubrication in fully formulated oilNehme, Gabi 
2013Tribological and thermal characteristics of reduced phosphorus plain ZDDP oil in the presence of PTFE/FeF3/TiF3 under optimized extreme loading condition and a break in period using two different rotational speedsNehme, Gabi 
2017Tribological behavior and wear prediction of molybdenum disulfide grease lubricated rolling bearings under variable loads and speeds via experimental and statistical approachNehme, Gabi 
2011The tribological performance of plain and fully formulated commercial engine oil under 2 different rotational speeds and extreme pressure contact using design of experimentNehme, Gabi 
2016Uniform stability in nonlinear in{1C}nite delay volterra integro-di{esc}erential equations using lyapunov functionalsRaffoul, Youssef; Rai, Habib 
2007Urban noise mapping: the case of the city of el-Mina, north LebanonIaaly, Amal ; Jadayel, Oussama Chafiq; Murr, Naeem
2016The use of brain machine interface during pilot training in a flight simulatorMezannar, Nay ; Bagassi, N
2014Using BCIS (brain computer interfaces) to evaluate emotional perception of passenger cabin design in virtual environmentsDe Crescenzio, Francesca; Lucchi, Francesca; Mezannar, Nay ; Persiani, Franco
2010Validité de la Méthode PIV pour la Caractérisation des Ecoulements ElectrohydrodynamiquesLouste, Christophe; Daaboul, Michel ; Traore, Philippe; Romat, Hubert
2009Waste sorting and miniaturization on the domestic scaleRishmany, Jihad ; Gedeon, Pierre
2017Wear prediction of molybdenum disulfide grease via experimental and statistical approachNehme, Gabi