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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Transition to modified binders in developing countriesKhalil, Nariman ; Bahia, Hussain U.
22012Transition to modified binders in developing countriesKhalil, Nariman 
32015Towards more sustainable structures: recycled concrete aggregates: green solutionKhalil, Nariman 
42001Tests on slender reinforced concrete columnsKhalil, Nariman ; Cusens, Anthony R.; Parker, M.D
52009Temperature based GIS approach for asphalt binder specifications in LebanonKhalil, Nariman ; Iaaly, Amal ; Jadayel, Oussama Chafiq
62015Sustainability in civil engineering educationKhalil, Nariman 
72016A study into the relationships between the mechanical properties of recycled concrete aggregateKhalil, Nariman ; Touma, Anthony; Touma, Tannous; Daher, Rimah
82018Structural behaviour of reinforced concrete beams madeKhalil, Nariman ; Tamer, Chelsea; Abdo, Fidel
92018Shear behavior of reinforced concrete beams made with recycled concrete aggregatesKhalil, Nariman ; Tamer, Chelsea; Abdo, Fidel
102015Rheological characterization of asphalt binders in LebanonKhalil, Nariman ; Bahia, Hussain U.; Clopotel, C
112015Recycled concrete as coarse aggregate for structural concrete productionKhalil, Nariman ; Daher, Rimah; Ghadieh, Michel; Khattar, Charbel
122010PG grading of asphalt binders in Lebanon and polymer modification investigationKhalil, Nariman 
132017Laboratory investigation into the modification effect of paving bitumen with different plastomeric polymersSaroufim, Edwina; Celauro, Clara; Khalil, Nariman 
141-Apr-2023Effect of the strengthening patterns on the flexural performance of RC continuous beams using FRP reinforcementsAbdallah, Mohammad; Al Mahmoud, Firas; Khalil, Nariman ; Khelil, Abdelouahab
152017Effect of recycled concrete aggregates on the flexural behavior of reinforced concrete beamsKhalil, Nariman ; Kareh, Alfred; Dahdah, Georges; Chameddine, H; Hawshar, M
162019Effect of longitudinal reinforcement ratio on the shear behavior of RC beams made with recycled aggregatesKhalil, Nariman ; Makhoul, R.
172022Durability of recycled concreteKhalil, Nariman 
182017Durability of recycled aggregate concreteKhalil, Nariman ; Aouad, Georges 
192009Developing a performance grading system for asphalt binders in LebanonKhalil, Nariman ; Bahia, Hussain U.; Clopotel, C
201999Design of normal- and high-strength concrete columnsBeal, Alasdair N; Khalil, Nariman