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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Passing GIS Know-how from University Students to secondary School Students : pedagogical Approach in developing youngsters Capabilities and Understanding in GISIaaly, Amal ; Jadayel, Roula; Jadayel, Oussama Chafiq
2018Pavement Management System : An Integrated GIS Assessment ApproachSaroufim, Edwina; Iaaly, Amal ; Gerges, Najib N. 
2015Phosphorus Reduction in Plain and Fully Formulated Oils Using Fluorinated AdditivesNehme, Gabi 
2009Power magnetic fields exposure evaluation at north Lebanon: GIS applicationNajjar, Maged B. ; Baarini, Abdel Karim; Jadayel, Oussama Chafiq; Iaaly, Amal 
2015Pressure relief in prosthetic sockets through hole implementation using different materialsNehme, Gabi 
2015Properties of EHD Pumps with a Washer-Type GeometryModh, Sachin; Daaboul, Michel ; Traore, Philippe; Louste, Christophe
2017Properties of Fuel Spray Obtained by Electrohydrodynamic AtomizationDaaboul, Michel ; Saba, Nicolas ; Rishmany, Jihad ; Louste, Christophe
2016Reducing Wear Debris and Increasing Lower-Limb Amputees' Comfort by Optimizing Prosthetic Socket DesignNehme, Gabi ; Ghalambor, Saeed
2016Reducing Wear Debris and Increasing Lower-Limb Amputees' Comfort by Optimizing Prosthetic Socket Design Using Local Contact Pressure Relief and Implementing Appropriate HolesNehme, Gabi ; Dib, Micheline
2016Report on Analysis of Teaching and Learning Practices in LebanonNasr, Karim ; Khairallah, Megan R. ; Zgheib, Ghania ; Dib, Youssef ; Najjar, Rania Al
2017Semi-continuous strategy for the modelling of damage mechanisms in unidirectional composites under low velocity impactsMahmoud, Bassam; Torrecilla, Marcos Colungo; Navarro, Pablo; Marguet, Steven; Tawk, Issam ; Ferrero, Jean-Francois
2011Service Learning and Scholarship : Experimental Learning and Community Partnership for Common GoodJadayel, Roula; Iaaly, Amal ; Jadayel, Oussama Chafiq
2010Simulation du comportement en tension d'un actionneur electrohydrodynamique de type lame-planTraore, Philippe; Daaboul, Michel ; Louste, Christophe
2012Site Evaluation for Olive Mills Waste Composting FacilityHoz, Mervat El; Iaaly, Amal 
2015Site Location Feasibility Analysis for Undesirable Solid Waste FacilityHoz, Mervat El; Iaaly, Amal 
2005The skin friction and heat transfer in a laminar plane wall jet that evolves from a uniform velocity to its self-similar behaviorIssa, Johnny; Ortega, Alfonso
2019Solar Power Plant Site Location Suitability Analysis Using GIS Weighted Average Raster Overlay "Lebanon"Iaaly, Amal ; Jadayel, Oussama Chafiq; Karame, N; Khayat, Nachaat
2019Sorting and Miniaturization of Household WasteSabiini, Guitta; Rishmany, Jihad 
2017Spectrum Loading in Milled MoS2 Greases Using Four Ball Wear TestNehme, Gabi 
2019Statistical description of turbulent particle-laden flows in the very dilute regime using the anisotropic Gaussian moment methodSabat, Macole ; Aymeric, Vié; Larat, Adam; Massot, Marc