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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Partial k-space MRI reconstruction using a modified Homodyne approachAbche, Antoine ; Yaacoub, Fadi; Karam, Elie 
2017Peak Data Rate Enhancement Using Switched Micro-Macro Diversity in Cellular MIMO SystemsDaba, Jihad S. ; Antar, Yvette
2018Performance Analysis in 5th Generation Massive Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output SystemsDaba, Jihad S. ; Soury, Georges El
2006Performance comparison between S-ALOHA and R3T protocols for multirate OFFH-CDMA systems in optical packet networksInaty, Elie ; Raad, Robert; Fortier, Paul; Shalaby, Hossam M. H.
2020Performance of Ultra Wide Band Systems in High Speed Wireless Personal Area NetworksDaba, Jihad S. 
2011Performance of UWB system in a partially developed fading channel with CCIAbdul-Latif, Omar M.; Daba, Jihad S. 
2010PI-D Controller with Optimized Parameters of a Scaled-Model HelicopterKhaldi, Mohamad ; Obeid, Tammam Mostapha
2009Plant Identification and Predictive Control of a Scaled-Model HelicopterKhaldi, Mohamad ; Chamchoum, Sayed; Abiad, Hassan El; Abdul Ahad , Elias
2008Poisson modulated stochastic model for partially developed multi-look speckleDaba, Jihad S. 
2014Polygonal Approximation of an Object Contour by Detecting Edge Dominant Corners Using Iterative Corner SuppressionNachar, Rabih ; Inaty, Elie ; Bonnin, Patrick J; Alayli, Yasser
2012Power Systems Analysis Toolbox : Planning and ContingencyKhaldi, Mohamad 
2003Power Systems Analysis Toolbox for Education, Research, and TrainingKhaldi, Mohamad 
2002Power Systems Contingency Analysis Software for Education, Research, and TrainingKhaldi, Mohamad 
2008Power Systems Voltage Stability Using Artificial Neural NetworkKhaldi, Mohamad 
2012Preparation of Engineers for a Sustainable Future in This Modern EraAbche, Antoine ; Alameddine, Abdulmonhem 
2006Presentation of a modified cardiovascular model based on second-order nonlinear dynamics to study viscoelastic and size effectsKaram, Elie ; Abche, Antoine 
2009Probability Distributions for Multiplicative Noise in Internet Associated Wireless Cells and in Speckled ImagesDaba, Jihad S. ; Jreije, Philip
2006A Pseudo-Output Error Algorithm To Improve Global ConvergenceTohme, Elie Toni; Ouvrard, Regis; Trigeassou, Jean Claude; Abche, Antoine 
2010The Pseudo-Output Error Identification Algorithm : Effect of the Stationary FilterTohme, Elie Toni; Abche, Antoine ; Ouvrard, Regis; Poinot, Thierry
2015Real generation of power quality disturbancesNahoum, Pamela; Yammine, Emile; Karam, Elie ; Najjar, Maged B. ; Hassan, Moustapha El