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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Partial k-space MRI reconstruction using a modified Homodyne approachAbche, Antoine ; Yaacoub, Fadi; Karam, Elie 
2017Peak data rate enhancement using switched micro-macro diversity in cellular MIMO systemsDaba, Jihad S. ; Antar, Yvette
2018Performance analysis in 5th generation massive multiple-input-multiple-output systemsDaba, Jihad S. ; Soury, Georges El
2006Performance comparison between S-ALOHA and R3T protocols for multirate OFFH-CDMA systems in optical packet networksInaty, Elie ; Raad, Robert; Fortier, Paul; Shalaby, Hossam M. H.
2020Performance of ultra wide band systems in high speed wireless personal area networksDaba, Jihad S. 
2011Performance of UWB system in a partially developed fading channel with CCIAbdul-Latif, Omar M.; Daba, Jihad S. 
2010PI-D controller with optimized parameters of a scaled-model helicopterKhaldi, Mohamad ; Obeid, Tammam Mostapha
2009Plant identification and predictive control of a scaled-model helicopterKhaldi, Mohamad ; Chamchoum, Sayed; Abiad, Hassan El; Abdul Ahad , Elias
2008Poisson modulated stochastic model for partially developed multi-look speckleDaba, Jihad S. 
2014Polygonal approximation of an object contour by detecting edge dominant corners using iterative corner suppressionNachar, Rabih ; Inaty, Elie ; Bonnin, Patrick J; Alayli, Yasser
2003Power Systems Analysis Toolbox for Education, Research, and TrainingKhaldi, Mohamad 
2012Power systems analysis toolbox: planning and contingencyKhaldi, Mohamad 
2002Power Systems Contingency Analysis Software for Education, Research, and TrainingKhaldi, Mohamad 
2008Power systems voltage stability using artificial neural networkKhaldi, Mohamad 
Sep-2022A Practical Way to Balance Single Phase Loads in a Three Phase System at Distribution and Unit LevelHassan, Moustapha El ; Najjar, Maged B. ; Tohme, Ramez
2012Preparation of engineers for a sustainable future in this modern eraAbche, Antoine ; Alameddine, Abdulmonhem 
2006Presentation of a modified cardiovascular model based on second-order nonlinear dynamics to study viscoelastic and size effectsKaram, Elie ; Abche, Antoine 
2009Probability distributions for multiplicative noise in internet associated wireless cells and in speckled imagesDaba, Jihad S. ; Jreije, Philip
2006A pseudo-output error algorithm to improve global convergenceTohme, Elie Toni; Ouvrard, Regis; Trigeassou, Jean Claude; Abche, Antoine 
2010The pseudo-output error identification algorithm: effect of the stationary filterTohme, Elie Toni; Abche, Antoine ; Ouvrard, Regis; Poinot, Thierry