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Title: Peak Data Rate Enhancement Using Switched Micro-Macro Diversity in Cellular MIMO Systems
Authors: Daba, Jihad S. 
Antar, Yvette
Affiliations: Department of Electrical Engineering 
Keywords: Cooperative multipoint transmission
Ergodic capacity
Hard handoff
Subjects: Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Issue Date: 2017
Part of: International journal of electronics and communication engineering
Volume: 11
Issue: 1
Start page: 99
End page: 106
With the exponential growth of cellular users, a new generation of cellular networks is needed to enhance the required peak data rates. The co-channel interference between neighboring base stations inhibits peak data rate increase. To overcome this interference, multi-cell cooperation known as coordinated multipoint transmission is proposed. Such a solution makes use of multipleinput-multiple-output (MIMO) systems under two different structures: Micro- and macro-diversity. In this paper, we study the capacity and bit error rate in cellular networks using MIMO technology. We analyse both micro- and macro-diversity schemes and develop a hybrid model that switches between macro- and microdiversity in the case of hard handoff based on a cut-off range of signal-to-noise ratio values. We conclude that our hybrid switched micro-macro MIMO system outperforms classical MIMO systems at the cost of increased hardware and software complexity.
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Type: Journal Article
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