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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20193-dimensional topology optimization for structural elementMassih, Lea
20213D concRetE durAbility iMprovement (3DREAM)Inaty, Francois Al-
20173D printable mortarSanjakdar, Jana; Mansour, Michel
2019Assessment of the effect of various fibers types in bulletproof concreteNasr, Rita; Khawand, Theresia
2019Characterization of 3D printing mortars made with OPC/CSAKhalil, Noura; Rémonda, Sébastien; Baz, Bilal Adnan; Aouad, Georges 
2020Development of a lightweight concrete mix suitable for 3D printing applicationsAkkad, Mariam
2018Development of concrete mix for road repairAmine, Yara; Awde, Aref
2018Development of concrete using wood aggregatesAzizi, Joseph; Mitri, Crystal
2022Development of fiber-reinforced concrete with high flexural and compressive strengthAbou Kors, Anthony
2019Development of green concrete using geopolymerChami, Diana; Tabchoury, Rita
2017Developping [sic] Developing a building material that simultaneously functions as a photovoltaic cellHazim, William; Allaw, Khaled
2017Durabilité et dégradation du bétonCherfane, Loyda
2021Durability assessment and microstructural analysis of 3D printed concrete exposed to sulfuric acid environmentsBaz, Bilal; Aouad, Georges ; Kleib, Joelle; Bulteel, David; Remond, Sébastien
2017Durability of recycled aggregate concreteKhalil, Nariman ; Aouad, Georges 
2021Effect of calcium sulfoaluminate cements composition on their durabilityKleib, Joelle; Aouad, Georges ; Benzerzour, Mahfoud; Zakhour, Mirvat; Abriak, Nor Edine
2021Effect of printed parameters on the mechanical performance of printed concreteSankari, Mira
2020Effect of the printing method and mortar's workability on pull-out strength of 3D printed elementsBaz, Bilal Adnan; Aouad, Georges ; Rémonda, Sébastien
2017Enhance the rheological and mechanical properties of clayey materials by adding starchesAlhaik, Ghaith; Ferreira, Michel; Dubois, Vincent; Wirquin, Eric; Tilloy, Sébastien; Monflier, Eric; Aouad, Georges 
2018Evaluate the influence of starch on earth/hemp or flax straws mixtures properties in presence of superplasticizerAlhaik, Ghaith; Dubois, Vincent; Wirquin, Eric; Leblanc, Alexandre; Aouad, Georges 
2022Experimental study of bulletproof concreteTawk, Issam ; Semaani, Eddy; Aouad, Georges