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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20033-D Image registration using neural network approach and evaluationAbche, Antoine ; Dagher, Issam ; Karam, Elie 
20053D acquisition of ultrasound medical imagesMaalouf, Aldo
2008A 3D Convex Hull algorithm for modelling medical data in a virtual environmentYaacoub, Fadi; Hamam, Yskandar; Abche, Antoine 
2006An Approach for the Evaluation of a 3-D Ultrasound Image Reconstruction TechniqueAbche, Antoine ; Maalouf, Aldo; Karam, Elie 
2014Automatic TDS meter and water level controlMassoud, Rami
2018Brain MRI segmentation using a weighted based approachKhoury, Christina El
2019Classification of electrocardiogram signalsBotros, Jad
2007Collision Detection for Virtual Arthroscopic Surgical SimulationYaacoub, Fadi; Hamam, Yskandar; Abche, Antoine 
2007Collision Detection in Computer Simulations for Wrist Arthroscopic Surgery TrainingYaacoub, Fadi; Hamam, Yskandar; Abche, Antoine 
2004Comparison of 3-D image registration methods using external markersAbche, Antoine ; Tzanakos, Georges; Micheli-Tzanakou, E.
2015Compression Techniques for Medical Images Transmission over Multi Core Optical Fiber Using CDMAAbche, Antoine ; Salam, Alaa; Inaty, Elie ; Karam, Elie 
2007Computer-Based Surgical simulation For Students TrainingYaacoub, Fadi; Hamam, Yskandar; Abche, Antoine 
2008Computer-Based Training System for Simulating Wrist ArthroscopyYaacoub, Fadi; Hamam, Yskandar; Abche, Antoine 
2019Constant Time Hardware Architecture for a Gaussian Smoothing FilterAkkad, Ghattas; Ayoubi, Rafic ; Abche, Antoine 
2006Convex Envelope in Arthroscopic Knee Surgery SimulationYaacoub, Fadi; Hamam, Yskandar; Abche, Antoine 
2007Convex Hull in Medical Simulations : A New Hybrid ApproachYaacoub, Fadi; Hamam, Yskandar; Abche, Antoine ; Fares, Charbel
2018Detection of the vocal cords' vibrations : Effect of the transducer's positionIshac, Dany; Abche, Antoine ; Matta, Sandrine; Karam, Elie ; Nassar, Georges; Callens, Dorothée
2013Engineering Ethics and UniversityAbche, Antoine 
2005Enhancement of MRI reconstruction techniquesYaacoub, Fadi
2010Enhancing transmission and reception of medical images over multicore optical fibersSalam, Alaa