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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Air quality and climate in the Mediterranean regionMrad, Myriam A. 
2016Analyzing linkages between trust and solid waste management using the fuzzy cognitive mapping approachAbbas, Nivine H. ; Abou Dagher, Manale ; Nader, Manal ; Van Der Molen, Irna; Lovett, Jon C.
2017Assessing the feasibility of waste management solutions based on sorting at source and recyclingMaamari, Olivia; Mrad, Myriam A. ; Mouchati , Antoine; Rizk, Rawad; Ibrahim, Aya; Abdo, Joseph; Dersarkissian, Christapor
2012The association of menopausal status with physical function : The Study of Womens Health Across the Nation (SWAN)Tseng, Lisa A.; Khoudary, Samar R. El; Young, Elizabeth A.; Farhat, Ghada N.
30-Jun-2023Biological applications of imiquimod analogues: An update (Review)Obeid, Joelle; Shaito, Abdullah; Hajj, Hiba El; Deleuze-Masquefa, Carine; Bonnet, Pierre Antoine; El-Sabban, Marwan; Saliba, Jessica 
2023Cancer Metastasis: Dynamic Hetero-cellular Communications Between Cancer Cells and Host TissuesSaliba, Jessica ; El-Sabban, Maya; Shaito, Abdullah; El-Harakeh, Mohammad; Obeid, Joelle; El Hajj, Hiba; El-Sabban, Marwan
2014Challenges to obtaining parental permission for child participation in a school-based waterpipe tobacco smoking prevention intervention in QatarNakkash, Rima T.; Mulla, Ahmad Al.; Torossian, Lena; Karhily, Roubina 
2010Changes in invasive breast cancer and ductal carcinoma In situ rates in relation to the decline in hormone therapy useFarhat, Ghada N.; Walker, Rod; Buist, Diana; Onega, Tracy; Kerlikowske, Karla.
2015Citizens perceptions of trust relationships in the environmental management process in North LebanonAbbas, Nivine H. ; Van Der Molen, Irna; Nader, Manal ; Lovett, Jon C.
2015Correlates of mobile phone use in HIV care : Results from a cross-sectional study in South AfricaMadhvani, Naieya; Longinetti, Elisa; Santacatterina, Michele; Forsberg, Birger C; Khatib, Ziad El
28-Sep-2022Cultural and Regulatory ContextMahmoud, Hossam; Whaibeh, Emile ; McDermott, Marlene
2011Developing capacities in aging studies in the middle east: implementation of an arabic version of the CANE IV among community-dwelling older adults in LebanonAbi Habib, Laurie E.; Chemaitelly, Hiam S; Jaalouk, Lina Y ; Karam, Nadim E
10-Jul-2023The Environmental Exposures in Lebanese Infants (EELI) birth cohort: an investigation into the Developmental Origins of Health and Diseases (DOHaD)Whaibeh, Emile ; Mrad-Nakhlé, Myriam; Aouad, Norma; Annesi-Maesano, Isabella; Abbas, Nivine H. ; Chaiban, Clara; Abi Hanna, Jowy; Abi Tayeh, Georges
27-Sep-2022Essentials of Telebehavioral Health: A Practical GuideMahmoud, Hossam; Naal, Hady; Whaibeh, Emile 
2021Establishing a sorting protocol for healthcare databasesGhabi, Elie; Farah, Wehbeh; Abboud, Maher; Chalhoub, Elias; Ziade, Nelly; Annesi-Maesano, Isabella; Abi-Habib, Laurie; Mrad, Myriam A. 
2006Ethical practice in community work: a resource documentAoun, Habbouba ; Abi Habib, Laurie E.; Rizk, Ursula
2021Exposure to fine particulate matter and urticaria: an eco-epidemiological time-series analysis in BeirutMrad, Myriam A. ; Farah, Wehbeh; Ziade, Nelly; Abboud, Maher; Chalhoub, Elias; Ghabi, Elie; Dib, Nicole; Annesi-Maesano, Isabella
28-Oct-2022Expression of the methylcytosine dioxygenase ten-eleven translocation-2 and connexin 43 in inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancerEl-Harakeh, Mohammad; Saliba, Jessica ; Sharaf Aldeen, Kawthar; Haidar, May; El Hajjar, Layal; Awad, Mireille Kallassy; Hashash, Jana G; Shirinian, Margret; El-Sabban, Marwan
5-Jan-2015Global, regional, and national comparative risk assessment of 79 behavioural, environmental and occupational, and metabolic risks or clusters of risks in 188 countries, 1990-2013: A systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013Forouzanfar, M. H.; Alexander, L.; Bachman, V. F.; Biryukov, S.; Brauer, M.; Casey, D.; Coates, M. M.; Delwiche, K.; Estep, K.; Frostad, J. J.; Astha, K. C.; Kyu, H. H.; Moradi-Lakeh, M.; Ng, M.; Slepak, E.; Thomas, B. A.; Wagner, J.; Achoki, T.; Atkinson, C.; Barber, R. M.; Cooperrider, K.; Dandona, L.; Dicker, D.; Flaxman, A. D.; Fleming, T. D.; Foreman, K. J.; Gakidou, E.; Hay, S. I.; Heuton, K. R.; Iannarone, M. L.; Ku, T.; Larson, H. J.; Lim, S. S.; Lopez, A. D.; Lozano, R.; MacIntyre, M. F.; Margono, C.; McLain, A.; Mokdad, A. H.; Mullany, E. C.; Murray, C. J.L.; Naghavi, M.; Nguyen, G.; Pain, A. W.; Richardson, L.; Robinson, M.; Sandar, L.; Stephens, N.; Temesgen, A. M.; Thomson, B.; Vos, T.; Wan, X.; Wang, H.; Wurtz, B.; Ebel, B. E.; Ellenbogen, R. G.; Wright, J. L.; Alfonso-Cristancho, R.; Anderson, B. O.; Jensen, P. N.; Quistberg, D. A.; Riederer, A.; Vavilala, M. S.; Zunt, J. R.; Anderson, H. R.; Pourmalek, F.; Gotay, C. C.; Burnett, R.; Shin, H. H.; Weichenthal, S.; Cohen, A.; Knudsen, A.; Aasvang, G.; Kinge, J. M.; Skirbekk, V.; Vollset, S.; Abbafati, C.; Abbasoglu Ozgoren, A.; Çavlin, A.; Kucuk Bicer, B.; Abd-Allah, F.; Abera, S. F.; Melaku, Y. A.; Aboyans, V.; Abraham, B.; Puthenpurakal Abraham, J.; Abraham, J. Puthenpurakal; Thorne-Lyman, A. L.; Ding, E. L.; Fahimi, S.; Khatibzadeh, S.; Wagner, G. R.; Bukhman, G.; Campos-Nonato, I. R.; Feigl, A. B.; Salomon, J. A.; Benzian, H.; Abubakar, I.; Abu-Rmeileh, N. M.E.; Aburto, T. C.; karam, Nadim
2021Guidelines for primary health care-based telemental health in a low-to middle-income country: the case of LebanonNaal, Hady; Whaibeh, Emile; Mahmoud, Hossam