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2021Always-convergent hybrid methods for finding roots of nonlinear equationsHitti, Karim ; Haddad, Samir El ; Sayah, Jinane ; Feghali, Stéphanie
2021Assessing municipalities management practices in response to COVID-19 outbreak - evidence from LebanonSerhan, Carole ; Elissa Barakat; Leonie Nemer
2019Characterisation of HvVIP1 and expression profile analysis of stress response regulators in barley under Agrobacterium and Fusarium infectionsEl Sarraf, Nadia; Gurel, Filiz; Tufan, Feyza; McGuffin, Liam J
2022Comparative Study Regarding the Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet Among Older Adults Living in Lebanon and SyriaKaram, Joanne ; Serhan, Carole ; Swaidan, Eman; Serhan, Mireille 
1-Jan-2022An effective segmentation method for iris recognition based on fuzzy logic using visible feature pointsNachar, Rabih ; Inaty, Elie 
2021How perceived reward systems affect employee performance at workSerhan, Carole ; Wissam Salloum; Nader Abdo
2021How reward systems affect team performance in banks: evidence from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regionSerhan, Carole ; Wissam Salloum; Nader Abdo
2021Life cycle assessment of two packaging materials for carbonated beverages (polyethylene terephthalate vs. glass): Case study for the lebanese context and importance of the end-of-life scenariosMarleine Boutros; Saba, Sabine ; Manneh, Rima 
2017LinkedMDR: un modèle sémantique de représentation de corpus de documents multimédiaCharbel, Nathalie; Sallaberry, Christian; Laborie, Sébastien; Tekli, Gilbert ; Chbeir, Richard
2020Real-time Detection of Oil Viscosity Using Coplanar Capacitive SensorsSaleh, Mahdi; Elhajj, Imad H.; Asmar, Daniel; Antoun, Sally
1-Jan-2017Simultaneous identification and localization of still and mobile speakers based on binaural robot auditionYoussef, Karim; Itoyama, Katsutoshi; Yoshii, Kazuyoshi
2020XMobiSensePlus: An updated application for the assessment of human exposure to RF-EMFsMazloum, Taghrid; Danjou, A. M.N.; Schuz, J.; Bories, S.; Huss, A.; Conil, E.; Deltour, I.; Wiart, J.