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Title: Twiddle factor generation using chebyshev polynomials and HDL for frequency domain beamforming
Authors: Akkad, Ghattas 
Mansour, Ali
Hassan, Bachar El
Le Roy, Fredric
Najem, Mohamad
Affiliations: Department of Computer Engineering 
Keywords: FFT
Accelerated computing
Twiddle factor
Frequency domain
Issue Date: 2019
Part of: Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Volume: 573
Start page: 153
End page: 165
Conference: International Conference on Applications in Electronics Pervading Industry, Environment and Society (26-27 Sep 2018 : Pisa, Italy) 
Twiddle factor generation is considered a computationally intensive task in generic length, high resolution, FFT operations. In order to accelerate twiddle factor generation, we propose a reconfigurable hardware architecture based on Chebyshev polynomial expansion for computing the cosine and sine trigonometric functions under finite precision arithmetic. We show that our approach presents a flexible 3 decimal digits precision output for variable length FFT operations, since the same design space can be used for any power of 2 FFT length. In particular, this study focuses on communication systems incorporating frequency domain beamforming algorithms for single and multi-beams. The proposed architecture is competitive with classical designs i.e. Coordinate Rotation Digital Computer, CORDIC and Taylor Series by providing low latency, high precision twiddle factors for variable length FFT.
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Type: Conference Paper
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