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Title: Some experiments in audio-visual speech processing
Authors: Chollet, Gérard
Landais, Rémi
Hueber, Thomas
Bredin, Hervé
Mokbel, Chafic 
Perrot, Patrick
Zouari, Leila
Affiliations: Department of Electrical Engineering 
Keywords: Linear discriminant analysis (LDA)
Discrete Cosine Transformation
Speech recognition
Dynamic Time Warping
Subjects: Automatic speech recognition
Issue Date: 2007
Part of: Advances in Nonlinear Speech Processing
Start page: 28
End page: 56
Conference: International Conference on Nonlinear Speech Processing (22-25 May 2007 : Paris, France) 
Natural speech is produced by the vocal organs of a particular talker. The acoustic features of the speech signal must therefore be correlated with the movements of the articulators (lips, jaw, tongue, velum,...). For instance, hearing impaired people (and not only them) improve their understanding of speech by lip reading. This chapter is an overview of audiovisual speech processing with emphasis on some experiments concerning recognition, speaker verification, indexing and corpus based synthesis from tongue and lips movements.
Type: Conference Paper
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