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Title: Retention of fresh graduates: identification of determinant factors through a modified job characteristics model
Authors: Serhan, Carole 
Tsangari, Haritini
Affiliations: Department of Business Management and Administration 
Keywords: Motivation
Fresh graduates
Subjects: Satisfaction
Issue Date: 2015
Part of: The Possible Positive Aspects of Economic Crises, At Sibenik, Croatia
Volume: 1
Start page: 201
End page: 203
Conference: Global Business Conference (CBC) (October, 2015 : Sibenik, Croatia) 
Research done worldwide in the area of employment has discussed the effect of somepersonal and job characteristics on employees satisfaction in general (McGuinness,2006; Mehta et al., 2011). However, not much complete and well planned work has beendone in the area of fresh graduates employment retention. Shierholz et al. (2012) stressthe need for up-to date and continuous studies on fresh graduates, supported by strongoverall job growth policies to boost fresh graduates employment satisfaction andretention. This research aims to explore and discuss the factors affecting the retention of freshgraduates. Data will be collected from the Lebanese labor market. The motivation behindthis specific market comes from many reasons: Lebanese fresh graduates, sufferingfrom a complexity of work integration and a lack of motivation and satisfaction, are beingobliged to accept available opportunities though they might not be matching theirqualifications. The Lebanese labor policies date back to 1943 and despite the manyamendments achieved since then, they still dont match with the minimum requirementsof a decent life (The World Bank, 2013). Finally, in Lebanon, there do not exist manyresearch studies in the field of employment satisfaction and retention because there arelimited funds for such research.
Type: Conference Paper
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