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Title: From the Light of Prayer to Pastoral Theology: Aspects of Episcopal Ministry in the Writings of Saint Ephrem the Syrian
Authors: Nassif, Bassam A. 
Affiliations: Institute of Theology 
Publisher: Doxologia Printing House
Part of: Studia Theologica Doctoralia. Fourteenth International Conference
Start page: 585
End page: 596
Conference: International Conference. Organized by the Faculties of Theology at the Universities of Iasi, Balamand, and Graz (14th : 9-10 May, 2022)
Saint Ephrem the Syrian has a special message to offer to theology today. The model he gives in opening the spiritual eyes for the light of Christ to radiate in his body, leads to radiating this light into pastoral action. Thus, pastoral theology ought to be based on this experience of light, practiced in spiritual words and actions. Saint Ephrem wrote teaching hymns, defending the faith against heresies, and fighting social injustice. As an enlightened man of God, he became a master of both spirituality and pastoral ministry. This research aims to analyze how Saint Ephrem translates his personal experience of light into pastoral work, by examining how he expresses his theological thought, interprets pastoral theology, and presents the ministry of episcopacy in particular. For this Antiochian saint, theology is
a hymn to the Light, translated into genuine acts of love, faith, and life.
ISBN: 978-606-9746-89-9
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Type: Conference Paper
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