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ناصيف، بسام
ناصيف، بسام
Nassif, Bassam A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12022وهب الأعضاء: مقاربة أرثوذكسيةناصيف، بسام 
22011نحو إعادة قبلة السلام إلى مكانتها في القداس الإلهيناصيف, بسام 
32015مقاربة أرثوذكسية لوهب الأعضاءناصيف, بسام 
42022الكاهن بين بيته الزوجيّ وبيت رعيّته: مقاربة لاهوتيّة وروحيّةناصيف، بسام 
52014الإيمان كحياة وعمل : الرؤية الأرثوذكسية للعمل الإجتماعيناصيف, بسام 
62015The role of priests in supporting the families of the disabled personsNassif, Bassam A. 
72009The rhetoric style of St. John of DamascusNassif, Bassam A. 
82020Revisiting the marital household as the 'Little Church'Nassif, Bassam A. 
92004Religious dialogue in the eighth centuryNassif, Bassam A. 
102012Priesthood & ministry in St Ephrem the syrian and St John ChrysostomNassif, Bassam A. 
112018Preserve them o lord: the medias attempt to deconstruct marriageNassif, Bassam A. 
122012Preparing a couple for a mixed marriage in Lebanon: a case study in pastoral educationNassif, Bassam A. 
132018Postmodern love and the orthodox spiritual perspectiveNassif, Bassam A. 
142020Personhood revisited: implications for humanoidsNassif, Bassam A. 
152012The person & work of priestsNassif, Bassam A. 
162016Pastoral implications of the trauma of war: the case of LebanonNassif, Bassam A. 
172014Pastoral implications of the trauma of warNassif, Bassam A. 
182017The Orthodox church's views on artificial fertilizationNassif, Bassam A. 
191996"On the confirmation of the law of Moses, the gospel and Orthodoxy" : a treatise written in Arabic by Theodore Abu Qurrah, Bishop of Harran (c.755-c.829) ; translation into English, with introduction and analysisNassif, Bassam A. 
202022The Mystery of Marriage Amid Deconstruction: A Dialogue Between Orthodox Anthropology and Postmodern PerspectivesNassif, Bassam A.