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Title: Taina-casatoriei
Other Titles: The secret of marriage in the context of deconstructivism
Authors: Nassif, Bassam A. 
Affiliations: Institute of Theology 
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Basilica
The work "The mystery of marriage in the context of deconstructivism - Dialogue between orthodox anthropology and postmodern approaches" represents the doctoral thesis of Father Professor Bassam Antoine Nassif, held at the Theological Institute "Saint Ioan Damaschin" within the University of Balamand (Lebanon). Currently, the father is an associate professor of this institution and the author of several works, studies and articles published in world-renowned publishing houses.
In the present work, the author analyzes the major ideas of postmodernity and their implications on anthropology. The father states that the world has entered a new era, marked by changes, transformations and evolutions that make it an "age of uncertainty".
In this climate, "an amalgam of stimuli and events promote false values ​​and tendencies that confuse families", the author emphasizes.
A problem is the secular mentality that does not take into account any religious tradition or social custom regarding marriage and the family.
The meaning of freedom has also undergone a transformation. Freedom is seen more and more as a "subjective and independent moral code of each individual" through which the goal of satisfying individual needs is pursued. Freedom is also perceived as emancipation from any type of commitment.
The mass media, the development of technology, as well as the economic systems imposed by the society based on consumption have a major impact on family life, the teacher's parent mentions.
DOI: 9786062904937
Type: Book
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