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Title: Work-in-Progress: Improved Antenna Array for Breast Tumor Detection
Authors: Moussa, Maria 
Madi, Mervat A.
Kabalan, Karim Y.
Affiliations: Department of Electrical Engineering 
Keywords: Antenna array
Breast phantom
Cancer detection
Electric field
Tumor imaging
Issue Date: 2023-01-01
Part of: 2023 IEEE International Black Sea Conference on Communications and Networking, BlackSeaCom 2023
Start page: 379
End page: 383
Conference: International Black Sea Conference on Communications and Networking, BlackSeaCom 2023 (4-7 July, 2023 : Istanbul)
Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases worldwide due to difficulty in detection and treatment. However, survival rates are increasing with improved techniques that detect cancer at early stage. Even though numerous techniques already exist to detect cancerous tumors, other replacements are being developed to overcome the problems imposed by the traditional ones such as high cost, exposure to ionizing radiation, physical pain due to breast compression, etc. The implementation of noninvasive microwave radiation for cancer detection has already started. The developments now focus on the improvement of these systems. This paper presents a 48 elements antenna array that improves the resolution of the resulting image making the tumor, its size and its position more visible to the operator.
ISBN: 9798350337822
DOI: 10.1109/BlackSeaCom58138.2023.10299702
Type: Conference Paper
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