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Title: Identity Verification robustness to audiovisual imposture
Authors: Karam, Walid 
Affiliations: Department of Computer Engineering 
Keywords: Speaker recognition
Biometrics (access control)
Face recognition
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: IEEE
Part of: 10th International Conference on Signal Processing (ICSP)
Start page: 1667
End page: 1670
Conference: International Conference on Signal Processing (10th : 24-28 Oct. 2010 : Beijing, China) 
The robustness of a biométrie Identity Verification (IV) system is best evaluated by monitoring its behavior under impostor attacks. Such attacks may include the transformation of one or multiple biométrie modalities typically face and voice. In this paper, we evaluate the effects of transforming both the face and the voice of a speaker on an IV system. Results of imposture experiments on the BANCA [1] talking-face database show an increase in the error rate of the audiovisual IV system, which indicates a higher acceptance rate of the claimed identities. Results are reported on transformation of the speech and visual signals (MixTrans for speech, and TPS warping animation for face) [2] For both types of forgeries, the verification system accepted more impostors.
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Type: Conference Paper
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