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Title: Resonant inelastic X-ray scattering of magnetic excitations under pressure
Authors: Rossi, Matteo
Henriquet, Christian
Jacobs, Jeroen
Donnerer, Christian
Boseggia, Stefano
Al-Zein, Ali
Fumagalli, Roberto
Yao, Yi
Vale, James G
Hunter, Emily C
Perry, Robin S
Kantor, Innokenty
Garbarino, Gaston
Crichton, Wilson
Monaco, Giulio
McMorrow, Desmond F
Krisch, Michael
Moretti Sala, Marco
Affiliations: Faculty of Health Sciences 
Keywords: Correlated electron systems
High pressure
Magnetic excitations
Resonant inelastic X-ray scattering
Physics - Strongly Correlated Electrons
Physics - Strongly Correlated Electrons
Physics - Instrumentation and Detectors
Issue Date: 2019
Part of: Journal of Synchrotron Radiation
Volume: 26
Start page: 1725
End page: 1732
Resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS) is an extremely valuable tool for the study of elementary, including magnetic, excitations in matter. The latest developments of this technique have mostly been aimed at improving the energy resolution and performing polarization analysis of the scattered radiation, with a great impact on the interpretation and applicability of RIXS. Instead, this article focuses on the sample environment and presents a setup for high-pressure low-temperature RIXS measurements of low-energy excitations. The feasibility of these experiments is proved by probing the magnetic excitations of the bilayer iridate Sr3Ir2O7 at pressures up to 12 GPa.
9 pages, 7 figures
ISSN: 09090495
DOI: 10.1107/S1600577519008877
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Type: Journal Article
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