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Title: Congestion control mechanism of ATM traffic using leaky bucket VP shaping
Authors: Daba, Jihad S. 
Affiliations: Department of Electrical Engineering 
Keywords: Buffer storage
Poisson distribution
Telecommunication congestion control
Quality of service
Subjects: Telecommunication-traffic
Asynchronous transfer mode
Queuing theory
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: IEEE
Part of: Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Trends in Communications (EUROCON2001)
Start page: 500
End page: 507
Conference: International Conference on Trends in Communications (EUROCON2001) (4-7 July 2001 : Bratislava, Slovakia) 
The aggregated traffic shaping per VP basis is analyzed. ATM promises integrity in services offered, efficiency in quantity (bandwidth) and quality (QoS) provided, and simplicity in implementation. The VP traffic shaping conveys ATM principles, especially simplicity. Due to its simplicity and flexibility, the leaky bucket is used to implement the VP shaper. The leaky bucket VP shaper and its detailed anatomy is presented. Its operation and performance evaluation are analyzed using queueing theory and simulated using OPNET. The simulation results clearly show the effectiveness of the leaky bucket VP shaper; cell loss probability is proportional to the sum of cell and token buffer size; and the Poisson approximation is true to the Bernoulli process when a large amount of traffic is aggregated while the input load is small. The practical implication of the discussion is in the appropriate choice of the parameter values of the leaky bucket VP shaper for design.
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Type: Conference Paper
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