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Title: Co-design for tunability of a Bulk Acoustic Wave filters with 65nm CMOS switch
Authors: Baraka, Kamal
Kerherve, Eric
Pham, Jean-Marie
Hassan, Moustapha El 
Affiliations: Department of Electrical Engineering 
Keywords: UHF filters
Acoustic resonator filters
Bulk acoustic wave devices
CMOS integrated circuits
Microwave integrated circuits
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: IEEE
Part of: IEEE 9th International New Circuits and systems conference
Start page: 526
End page: 529
Conference: IEEE International New Circuits and systems conference (9th : 26-29 June 2011 : Bordeaux, France) 
This paper presents a method to reconfigure Bulk Acoustic Wave-Solidly Mounted Resonator (BAW-SMR) filters. It shows the effect of the gate voltage which controls the filter bandwidth with MOS transistors. This method is applied to filters operating in the W-CDMA (2.11-2.17 GHz) communication standard. Experimental results show a tuning range of 9MHz, whereas 12MHz of tuning range was achieved in the simulation.
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Type: Conference Paper
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