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Title: Trenching production and water main installation
Authors: Lakkis, Samah
Tom, Georges El
Advisors: Semaan, Nabil 
Subjects: Underground pipes--Installation
Issue Date: 2015
Piping networks are established all over our everyday world. The majority of people think that piping networks as underground systems used to pass on liquids. It sounds straight forward installing a pipeline underground system: 1- digging a trench, 2- laying the pipe in the trench, and 3- backfilling. Whereas this basic perception of pipeline construction may be likable, it does not begin to address the engineering concepts involved in the underground installation of a pipeline. This paper is written to help out in the development of a comprehensive understanding of the engineering principles utilized in the underground setting up of PE (polyethylene) pipe. In the following, the reader will be introduced to the concept of a pipe soil system and the significance that the soil, design and preparation of the back-fill materials take part in the long-standing performance of a buried pipe structure. Detailed terminology and design concepts relating to the underground installation of PE pipe will be completely discussed. This will include fundamental guidelines regarding trench excavation and the placement and subsequent backfill of the PE pipe.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 37).

Supervised by Dr. Nabil Semaan.
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